Swimming during chemo/rads

Hi ladies,

I just wanted to know if you can swim during chemo/roads.

I've been back at the gym for 2 weeks now after my surgery. I'm going on holiday in August and then I'm due to start the rest of my treatment when I return. Part of my gym routine is Swimming, I love it. Can I still swim?


Thanks xxx

Hi kazza

I was told not to go swimming while having chemo because of risk of infection .maybe ask the doctor though because different doctors give different advice xx

Thanks hun. I'm getting conflicting info online too. Will make a point of asking the oncology team when I go xxx

Hi kazza

the 48 hrs following chemo is when your immunity will be at its weakest. I would avoid swimming in a public pool during this time frame as pools tend to have a lot of germs. Unfortunatly this is when you will be hyper from the steroids and you will want to go and do stuff. If after the first chemo your bloods seem to bounce back without any issues then I would go to the pool after 24 hrs after chemo. 

Basically what I am saying is if you are not having any issues from the chemo then go and do your normal thing but if your bloods seem to not be bouncing back to normal levels then be learly of anything that might be a high risk environment. 


Thanks Lolli. It may sound trivial to some people but I love exercise. Only just got back into the swing of things after my hysterectomy and feel like I'm going to be going backwards again. Hopefully my bloods will be great and I can continue swimming.  Xxxx

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My oncologist told me no swimming till 6 weeks post Brachytherapy 

hope this helps


Hi Hun I'm not sure whether I will be having brachy, this hasn't been discussed yet ( got oncology meeting tomorrow) as I've already had a radical hysterectomy, so not sure if I will need brachytherapy or not. I've wrote down a list of questions so hopefully they can answer these for me tomorrow.