Swimming (children mentioned!)

hi I had my LLETZ a week ago mon (13th!) i don't have my results yet the wait is horrific! Anyways its the school holidays and my child is going on a residential a week after he returns to school, but he wants to brush up on his swimming skills and my young daughter has asked if she could go swimming aswell! I promised them in the summer holidays we would go swimming (before all of this started!) and although they have been brilliant and totally understand mum can't go swimming I feel awful for breaking a promise to them! My question is I haven't bled and had a tiny bit of discharge (like coffee!) im also about to finish a round of anti biotics for an infection that left me in agony! When can I take them swimming? When is it safe to go in the pool? Or even the bath as much as showers have been handy I'm looking forward to jumping in the bath for a nice long soak and read a book lol! Sorry for rambling!! Hope your all feeling positive xxx