Swimming after LLETZ

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone on here was a regular swimmer & if so, how long did you wait before going swimming again after LLETZ?

The doctor who did my procedure told me not to swim for 6 weeks but the literature the nurses gave me to take away says to refrain from swimming for just 2 weeks which seems like a big difference.

It wouldn't usually bother me as i'm not a regular swimmer but i'm going on an unexpected holiday on Monday and whilst i couldn't swim for the first week anyway, it might be nice to take a few dips the second week (weather permitting).  By the time the second week comes around it will be 5 weeks since my LLETZ.

I'll probably give the hospital a ring tomorrow to ask but just wanted to hear from any of you guys to get your trusted advice as well!

Thanks x

I'm sure the hospital will give you a good steer, but I'd say do think about where you are going to be and what would happen if you did, for example, have a problem or get an infection after swimming.

 I'd also have a good look at what I was swimming in. SSome hotel pools are not as clean as the pool at home - I am not a germ obsessive, i just once got a really nasty ear infection from a Greek island apartment open air jacuzzi!

What I mean is, do make sure you have good travel insurance cover and, if you are going to Europe, that you have a health card (used to be an e111). Almost certainly wouldn't be needed but best to be on the safe side.

have a lovely trip! Xx

So i've spoken to the nurse and just thought i'd update this thread in case anyone else was wondering the same thing.

The nurse confirmed that they always tell people to wait 4-6 weeks before swimming (does make me wonder why all the NHS literature i was given states 2 weeks but no matter)

I asked if i'd be ok swimming in my second week (this will be 5 weeks after treatment) and she more or less just told me to trust my instincts.  If everything has settled then it'd be fine to get in just for a quick dip to cool off, which is all i'm after really (i'm no Rebecca Adlington by any means).

And even better news is that i have just had the results from my biopsy and they got all the abnormal cells and i don't need any further treatment.  Just have to go for another smear in 6 months - now i can really relax on my holiday Cool

Many thanks as always x

Excellent - have a great trip x