Swelly belly or 'grief bacon'?

Urgh! 5 weeks since surgery and my belly is huge. Ok, it was’t exactly flat before, but I look like I’m smuggling a space hopper up my jumper.

Not sure if this is what the ‘Hystersisters’* call post op ‘swelly belly’ or if it’s the result of too much snacking on the goodies that visitors keep bringing round while being comparatively inactive. Actually, my friend told me a fab new German word today to describe the weight you gain from comfort eating - kummerspeck. Apparently it translates as “grief bacon”. Made me laugh, anyway.

Well, I guess I’ll try to keep eating mostly healthily and doing my daily walk and see what happens. Think I might pack away my jeans for a while and stick to stretchy yoga pants…

Keep smiling ladies! xxx

  • Hystersisters is a US based support and networking site for women undergoing hysterectomy for any reason.

Hi Rose

Can't help you with your swelly belly query as I didn't have a hysterectomy - mind you, until recently I had one hell of a bellySmile.  I think that it takes a while to go down.

I really love that word kummerspeck - Germany can be so comical!  Here in North-Eastern France ladies often refer to their spare tyres as speck.

Hope you "deflate" soon.


Big Hugs

You definitely know you've had gynaecological surgery when you think to yourself, "I must buy more leggings." I can completely relate to what you describe! It didn't help that my recovery time coincided with Christmas, so I did end up putting on a few pounds! However, it is also a result of the op - as you had a laparoscopy, it could still be some wind, as well - might be worth trying some peppermint and seeing if it makes a difference. Once you're more able to move about, this will shift it a bit as well. Don't forget that your hormones will still be all over the place too, which can also have an effect. 

Take care, 

Annabel. x