Swellings in armpits



further to my post about my abnormal smear results, I wondered if anyone else has had issues with swellings in their armpits? It was in my left one for the past week and now that has gone down and it's in my right one. It's painful to put my arm down. Also my period is 2 weeks late and I'm not pregnant. I really am trying not to link these things but am starting to really panic! x


I'm not a doctor but can't imagine there's a link between your abnormal cells and swellings under your arms. I think the key thing is that none of us on this site is a doctor, and if you're worried about swellings and your period the best thing would be to speak to your GP. Getting medical advice from a qualifed health prfessional is always the best thing to do with any health worries, and much better than googling or having things go round in your head without getting it checked.

Generally, for most ladies, abnormal cells don't have symptoms (hence smear tests).

Try not to dwell too much on what's happening (easier said than done I know) and to keep yourself busy/distracted. Also if you can try not google either, and if you to stick to decent sites like this one.

All the best.

I agree I wouldn't have thought they would be to do with your smear results. Have you been stressing since you had your results? Stress can do weird things...including a late period.  The swellings under your arm pit may be swollen lymph nodes which come up due to infection. Sometimes shaving can cause this. These are only suggestions and I am no doctor either, so definitley best to ask someone more qualified! But I don't think they'll be related to the smear abnormalities. I had been having slight pain in my lower abdomen leading up to my abnormal smear result and so assumed that was to do with that, but my friend who is a doctor told me it wouldn't be related. Abnormal cells don't present symptoms apparently...even high grade ones.