SWELLING-Pelvic lymph node removal


I was just wondering if anyone had any tips following this surgery. I had my pelvic lymph nodes removed on Tuesday morning and was allowed home yesterday. It has been ok except for trying to sleep. I have bad pain which feels like a muscle pain...also the incision on the pubic area is painful. I tried sleeping on my back and on my side but ended up sleeping sitting up!

Any tips welcome




I was just going to message you to see how it was going? Hope you find something that works soon and you are not in too much pain


Hey Suzy

Its going ok. They gave me three different pain killers do when I woke at 3am I couldnt remember what I was due. Not sure if ive pulled a muscle in my back trying not to use my stomach muscle or if its to do with nerves.

Hope you're doing ok x

Hi Michelle

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I wish there were something I could do or say to help. I hope it goes away quickly and that you are feeling much better soon. And of course I hope those nodes come out clear.

Lots of love



Thank you Tivoli. The four incisions are now fine but I've definitely pulled a muscle in my back! The surgeon is pretty sure they will be clear.

Hope you are doing well,

Michelle xx

Any advice about lady parts swelling after this op???

Hi Michelle,

Hope you're feeling okay. I don't really have advice about swollen lady parts but I can tell you that they really didn't feel like they belonged to me for quite a while afterwards. I still look a bit like I'm wearing a hairy codpiece (sexy!) and have got a bit more puffy around the left groin over the past couple of days. I shaved my bikini line with an electric shaver in order to go swimming and not look like a chimp. One of the hair follicles didn't like that and looked very red. Before I noticed that, I sat in the jacuzzi as a treat for being brave and doing breast stroke (the only stroke I know!). My groin didn't like the swimming much the first time although it's fine now. I worry that dodgy hair follicle + jacuzzi = a little bit of lymphodema. 

Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed your nodes come back clear. I have a good feeling they will! ;)

Kirsty xx

Hi Kirsty

Thank you. I found a thread from 2009 one girl seemed identical to me but she hasnt logged on since 2012. My waist is 4inches bigger and huge lady parts. Just hope it passes.

Hope you are doing well 

Michelle xx


Hi again Michelle, and Kirsty :-)

The lady parts and waist do go down I promise. I looked like I had been trying to shoplift semi-inflated balloons in my knickers but not any more :-)

Be lucky



Thank you! I have noticed a slight reduction today. I love your description. .thats me at the moment. Reassusing to know it doesnt last.

Hope everyone  is enjoying the we


Michelle  xx

Hey Michelle, I had this procedure done on Tuesday too along with a cone biopsy. Sleeping sucks right?! I've found it best sleeping on my side with a pillow between my knees and another one in front of me that I can grab and press to my belly if I need to cough. Good luck with your recovery, I've been pretty devestated

Hey Sparkle,

Hope your sleeping better. I cant sleep in my side, the pubic incision feels like its pulling! Are you still really swollen?

My surgeon wouldnt do both together. Although when doing the cone he broke through the back of my cervix and found my stitches has burst so had to re do them..Im back to square one!

What time frame have you been given for rest/recovery?

Roll on the results, fingers crossed for you

Michelle x

I don't know, I was told 6 weeks but I think I'll be capable of doing more in maybe another week, it seems to be getting better every day. They were meant to be doing my lymph nodes laproscopically but there were complications so they ended up cutting me from navel to pubic bone. I was told I yelled the recovery room down when I found out although I have no recollection of this!!! It's all left me feeling pretty angry at everything to be honest. I still don't know if the margins of the cone biopsy are clear, there were murmers of pre-cancerous cells remaining there but the surgeon is freaking out a bit with regards to operating again because he says there's nothing left to work with - great! Sorry to hear you're still having trouble sleeping :-(

Oh no you poor thing. I can imagine you are angry. I remember asking what they had done when I came round.  Well dont rush to do too much. I went back to work three weeks after my cone and as i burst my stitches have now been told 8 weeks.  You found out about lymph nodes already!! I was told 10 days. How long until you get the cone results? 

Hi Ladies

I swelled up after my lymphnodes came out, it was very painful to sit down. I found that sleeping on my back with a pillow under my knees helped, i think it helps to keep your lower body a bit elevated so that the lymphatic fluid has more of a chance of returning to the heart. Its the Lymphatic fluid pooling to the injury site which causes the swelling so i also did very gental massage around my groin pushing up towards the heart to help the lyphatic fluid drain away. Google up lymphatic massage techniques and get some moves.

I hope this helps. I can assure you that things will go back to normal down there so try not to panic! I called my GP out to take a look and HE looked as shocked as i did! You might want to speak to your gp or surgeon if you are worried though as you might need anti biotics.

Hope you feel better soon xx

Hi Parkyparks,

Thank you for that. I think I just needed some reassurance that it would eventually go down. There is a major improvement and it is not yet a week. I have had a look at the massage on youtube but just afraid I might do more damage than good. I rang the nurse but Im not red or feverish so I think im ok....just impatient! :)