Swelling and leg pain

Hi all,


has anyone had toruble with ankle swelling and pain? 

i have one ankle which is massively swollen and very painful to walk on.  I've been to doctors and they dont seem concerned. It's getting me down though as it's stopping me from getting around and being able to do even less for myself. 

i'm going to go back to oncologist today as i'm not convinced by Dr seemed like she just dismissed blood clots and wasn't really bothered.
 Worried it could be to do with drainage and i've had to have extended blood tests for liver function etc throughout treatment as i've had a few problems.

TIA to anyone that reads this, not sure if im just getting myself in a tis about it all. 


have you had chemo ? 

I had swelling in my ankle and cramping pain in my calf before I was diagnosed I had little blood clots in my right leg but below the knee so in the uk if the clot is below the knee they don't treat it as it's not serious i was also told that many hospitals don't scan below the knee for blood clots as your body should get rid of the clots on its own unless it's a above  the knee 

I was advised by my consultant it was actually blood pooling in my legs as my Tumor was pressing on my blood vessel 

i was prescribed pain killers and told to drink plenty of water and I know it hurts but to keep active 

if your not happy with your gp and it doesn't improve go back and ask for a scan 

have you gone over on your ankle ? 

Ive had chemo rads and the chemo mix and now I find that if Im going out and wear heels my shins and ankle bone kill for a couple of days just a thought if you've had treatment and wear heels 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 


Hi, I also have severe pain and swelling but in my right thigh, it's hot to touch but nobody seems bothered about it! It's so painful to walk.

i also have had blood tests for liver function but no has said what's wrong.

Only just seen your replies ladies sorry. 

Deb sorry to hear you are having pain. Did you go back to get it checked out? 

Let me know how you got on. Xxx

Hi Michelle, 

Yes I had chemo/Rad. Swelling is still there, but I've now been shown massage strokes to help with drainage incase it's that. I've had 4 dopplers done to rule out blood clots and all clear. 

My new compression socks seem to be helping  (or just sucking it in Tongue Out, I'm not sure lol) and a foot rub from the other half also helps too. 

Hope you're getting on ok? Xx