Swab test, then called for smear test....?

Hi guys :)



I'm new here and would really love some advice, as I suffer with chronic anxiety and this is really unsettling me at the moment. I'm 24 and living in the UK, I have studied Healthcare and know my basic things, but i've never in-depth studied about cervical issues, only general gynaecological stuff.



I recently went to my doctor regarding some symptoms (increased irregular/prolonged bleeding, brown discharge, lower pelvic/back pains, hot flashes etc) and told her i've had irregular periods, suspected hormone imbalance for years. We did a test for Chlamydia (but I knew it wouldn't come back as anything, as i've only ever been with 1 man) and that came back negative.


So my doctor did a vaginal swab there and then, only took a minute and said she'd let me know if there was an issues. I got a call yesterday, simply asking me to come in and now have a smear test done. Now, the number 1 reason that got me freaking out is that here in the UK, screening starts at 25 and they're always so reluctant and often plain will not do, a smear test under 25. But, i've been told to have one and i'm not 25 until 6 months time.


So tommorrow, I have the smear test. I'm looking for some advice if anyone knows, of why I have been called for this? What might they have picked up on the general swab test, and also is there any (non-cancerous) reasons why they might want to do it?



Reassurance and advice would be great.


Hi Serenity,

I'm sorry you're going through this, I think a lot of ladies on here will sympathise with the not knowing why things are happening and not knowing why you are being called in for things :( 

The only thing I can think of is that your GP is being thorough. And although smears arent usually done until 25 when I went for my pill check up when I was 24.5ish the nurse actively encouraged me to go for one as soon as possible saying they'd relaxed the rules a bit and they were now telling people who were 24 who were going for pill check ups and things that they could do smears for people who are 24 and nearly 25.

Hopefully that's a bit reassuring for you :) let us know how you get on. x x x

Hi Becky,



Thanks so much for the reply! And yeah I can imagine over time, there's been thousands of women in this same position and not knowing what's happening.


I'm generally keeping myself nice and relaxed, but it's all come as a shock really as I don't really get ill etc very often. My worry though is because there's almost constant light bleeding (either through a cervical issue or hormone problem) that my smear test won't come out accurate? They asked me to come in about 5 days after my period and I was like..... Yeah. I have NO idea when that is haha :)


I'm just thinking I might make an appointment again this week with my Dr, and tell her my concerns etc and maybe she can push for further investigations...?

My smear is tomorrow but i'm still bleeding lightly, but after then the Nurse is only free 3 weeks from now which is a bit too long I think.




I'll keep you posted :) xoxo

Hi :)


Well, i've just come back from having my first smear, and it was an absolute breeze! I don't why young women are so afraid of it, I honestly didn't feel a thing. I guess it's the fear of the unknown, but if we're all educated in these things, it's not half as scary.

My Nurse who did it was SUPER lovely. She was calm, asked about my recent issues, and bless her even drew a little diagram of what she was going to be doing :)


I'm so glad it's over because literally the last few days, as i'm sure most of you have been there before, I just convinced myself i've got some sort of gynaecological cancer. Us women are so bad for thinking the worst!! I'd got myself all prepared, just incase I hear from a doctor soon that they've found something.


Then, at least came a little glimmer of something positive. I'm still spotting, but the Nurse said she'll go ahead anyway as she had a good angle to get the swab. She then had a good look at my cervix etc, and said everything looked clear, pink and healthy!!!! I honestly nearly burst into tears. I know it doesn't mean alot, but that's at least good news right?


So i'll get the results by post, in the next 2 weeks. If anything of concern is found, i'll be contacted sooner.


So now comes the waiting game. I'll book again next week with the doctor probably, as still having ongoing bleeding/pains etc. Nurse still thinks hormonal imbalance, as it's been going on years....



Keep you posted :) xoxx

Hi Serenity,

Aw I'm so glad you had a good experience! Your nurse sounds lovely - defintely good to read some stories about positive experiences!!

Fingers crossed your results come back ok :) x x x