Suspicious result followed by clear biopsy

This is my first time posting and am just looking for anyone who may have had a similar experience, as mine has been a bit of a strange one. Basically back in May an endometrial biopsy picked up some cervical tissue, which was suspicious of cancer. It all came as a bit of shock as at my original appointment with the consultant he thought everything looked good and basically discharged me, but did an endometrial biopsy just to put my mind at rest. I had been referred originally by my GP after experiencing some discomfort with intercourse and a few times I had this tiny pinprick of blood after intercourse. I wouldn’t have called it bleeding, it really was a tiny spot, but it was something I hadn’t had before, which was why I went to my gp, but I still wasn’t very worried. Anyway, after being told they thought i had cervical cancer, he did a LLETZ and biopsy and I had an MRI Scan. Both the results of the biopsy and the MRI came back clear, no sign of cancer. After 6 weeks my consultant did a smear test using an endocervical brush and basically gave me an option of total hysterectomy or close follow up by the hospital. The smear test came back negative too, so apart from the first biopsy which showed abnormal cells suspicious of cancer, everything since has been good news, but I still have this doubt in my mind that is there every day. This was why the consultant gave me the option of hysterectomy as he said it was whether I could move on, there is always the chance there is a tiny bit of cancer that not shown on biopsy. It is also possible that he removed the bad cells in its very early stages when I had the first biopsy. Another possibility I was given is that the first biopsy was contaminated, but I have been told that is very rare. I had a long talk with the nurse who is amazing and explained everything to me I wanted to know, but unfortunately I will never get a definitive answer about why that first biopsy showed the suspicious cells. Has anyone had any sort of similar experience? Where a bad biopsy was followed by good ones? Sorry for such a long post!

Hi Jen,

In you case I think it's important that they perform the hpv test. If it's negative, you can be reassure that everything is OK!

Hi Pipo, thank you. 

Will HPV show up only in specific parts of cervix (where bad cells may have been/are. Or if you have HPV does it show anywhere? I.e can you have a blood test, or do they test on smears and biopsies. 

Well, that's a good question. No blood test as far as I know. I'm quite sure they do it through pap smears, not need to take biopsy. For example in my case, I once had no dysplasia, so they took no biopsies, but my pap smear showed I was hpv positive.