Suspicious cervix

Hi, I'm new to the site and very relieved to have found it. I had a smear test two weeks ago, then received letters telling me I need an urgent referral for a colposcopy. I had that done yesterday. The consultant told me that me cervix looks suspicious, and took a couple of biopsies. Although he did say that it could be benign, or precancerous, he left me feeling that there was a strong possibility that it was cancer, stage one. 

i have spent the night in the spare room, every time I closed my eyes the terror swamped me. I have two young children with special needs and quite honestly I don't know how we will cope. I have already been off work this year with stress and anxiety.

I am blaming myself,  as for the last number of years I have not looked after myself well. I have put on weight through comfort eating and drink more than I should. I had several partners while at university, and wonder if I contracted HPV. 

I am tearing myself up and would just love to hear from anyone else who has been through this too. How long does it take for biopsy results? Is there anything I should do to start preparing myself?

Thank you. 

Have reread my post and realise I sound awful, drunken slapper anyone? I'm not really! 


Hi there and thanks for making me giggle!

No you don't sound like a drunken slapper, you sound like any normal person does when they get this result, I thought the same I was like omg who did i catch it from etc... turns out 99%of the adult population have hpv at some point In their lives - our immune systems were not good enough to fight it off that's all. 

I know how worried you are right now I was the same, I had myself hooked up to chemotherapy  machines and all sorts (rediculous now I think back) 

My cervix was bleeding during my smear and I bled for the rest of the day had a call a week later telling me I had moderate dyskariosis... fast forward a bit I had a Lletz and had CIN3 3 which is now completely removed thank god! But I will say I know exactly how your feeling right about now.


What made you think that it's cancer stage 1? 

All my love xx

Thank you so much for your reply. The consultant that 'did' me said my cervix looks very suspicious, and went on to talk about hysterectomy and radiotherapy, also that I would be called back for a team meeting for how to proceed. Wish to goodness I'd brought my friend in for that chat cos it's all a bit woolly in my head now. However, he did also say that it could be benign or precancerous. But the overall impression was that he was thinking cancer, he just couldn't confirm it yet. He did mention stage 1, which at least is keeping a slight lid on my panic.

So, I am going from one extreme to the other today. One minute thinking,'surely not, that couldn't be happening to me!' And the next wondering if I'll be around by christmas. I think overall I'm actually in shock. I am reluctant to talk to anyone in my family cos there are so many problems with the older members at the minute and I don't want to worry anyone. 

its horrible isn't it?

glad you are ok, gives me hope! Xx

Hi Sorry I am only just replying - I have not had the internet :(

Well I guess it is good he has given you a good idea of what he suspects, sometimes it can be awful waiting and then getting such a shock of bad news I always think it is best when they are totally honest.

So he said to you it could be benign or precancerous.. that would be CIN 1 2 or 3 could be any of these and these are easily treatable and tbh so is stage 1 cancer if confined within the cervix ! I hope someone else can shed some light on the stage 1 cancer to help Mollz.

I know you said you dont want to worry anyone by telling them but i honestly think you should, support gets us through these hard times.

Its a scary prospect isnt it, and I know all the girls on here will soon dip in with there experiences too.

When do you get your results?

Try to remember whatever comes your way - you can and will deal with it!

I am glad he has told you what he suspects though, some can be guilty of fobbing us off without the entire truth.

try to remember alot of stage one cancers can be confined to the cervix and can be dealt with, with a cone biopsy or a partial cervix removal,

Love and hugs xxxx

Thank you! I spent a good part of today with a friend and told her. She was so shocked. I felt really bad for her, cos I know how I'd be feeling if someone told me that news. TBH it's been such a hard year for us that it is difficult to imagine that it could be about to get even worse. It seems so unfair, but then thats life. And at least the sun's back out!

your support is greatly appreciated. Xx