I have just joined looking for some information I can use on Pelvic radiation disease and similar long term impacts of cervical cancer.  I am a 16 year survivor and with hindsight I can see how much the diagnosis, treatment, treatment side effects and longer term symptoms have impacted on my career plans.  (not something I even considered before now as work was the last thing on my mind post diagnosis and through treatment). I went on a career planning course in work and was given good advice, but it lacked that extra dimension, mainly because I found it difficult to discuss why certain paths would be challenging.  I look fine and have no outward signs that I have any different ability.  Given the successful treatments and survivorship increase perhaps the time has come to discuss how you re-plan a career path, given what I call 'quirks of survival' - PID, fatigue,etc.,  I am on a steering committee of a Cancer Network in work which supports colleagues, so I am hoping to support and inform any colleagues who come behind me.  Alongside raising awareness within the management structure.  My income, pension forecast and career achievements all show the long term impacts of a cervical cancer diagnosis. Are there any information packs available that can be used in work?  We already have the Macmillan ones.