Hi everyone,

I’m a new member to the list of CC survivors here. What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger! So keep up the positivity everyone.

I recently completed chemo/radio treatment and really keen to start embarking on the surrogacy road. I agreed to radio/chemo treatment to minimise the chances of CC returning after my radical tract operation a week after my wedding in Sept 15. The sacrifice was my fertility. Like most of you, the outburst of tears and disappointment is because we had to make the right choice and not necessarily the choice we wanted.

As much as i was devastated at 33 i will not be able to have any children, the promise of grand children to my 70 yr old parents was now a lie, my husband stood by me at every stage. It would be rude to complain anymore over something I don’t have.

But with successful IVF and embryo freezing before my treatment, the hope of our own children is still around.

I have read up lots on surrogacy and wondered if anyone has experienced the journey before? Which agency did you join?

I am also very happy to share my diagnosis and treatment journey with anyone. I’ve gone from telling my family via flash cards to casually openly talking about it. I’ve just signed up to Let’s meet @ London.

Grateful for any Surrogacy advice.

Support to those who is going through treatment an dealing with diagnosis.

Kath x


i'm with you on this one - can any one share there process? I'm now 31 and I got the all clear a few weeks a go and in recovery from op and would love to know more about the surrogacy process too as its very surreal and all a bit strange for me and mentally dont think I'm quite there yet but maybe if I keep getting more information it will make things easier to move forward.

I'm going to the Lets meet in London too! which I am excited about as Last year it was on I couldm't go as was going through chemo-rad and ive been too unwell to get to any support group and I've not had chance to meet up with anyone who has gone through the same thing as me so looking forward this be lovely to see you there! :)

Hi Ladies

I am too interested to hear experiences of surrogacy but it doesnt seem there is anyone on here with much experience? I suppose we must look for info on surrogacy organisation websites - surrogacy Uk (if you live inthe UK? ) looks like a good place to start.

good luck


Hi, ladies)

My husband and I are really interested in surrogacy)

Previously, we made a request to the Ukrainian biotex but the manager said that surrogacy is impossible for new clients due to new law according to surrogacy for foreign couples in Ukraine.

Recently we have found Georgian Viva family clinic. Maybe someone had surrogacy journey there? Or maybe you can recommend another place?

Please, I would like to know any information concerning surrogacy.

If you had any experience with surrogacy, pls share your story)

Best wishes)

hello everyone, i hope i can offer some advice. 

i was a surrogate a couple of years ago, giving birth to surrobub november 2017. it was incredible.

i was an independant surrogate which means I wasnt part of an agency and this seems to be the most popular way to go. there are many facebook groups which im happy to discuss (though im not sure if im able to link them here?)

surrogacy in the uk is totally trust based, so any contract isnt legally binding. its a long and complicated process but once you get your head around it, it is all second nature. 

im happy for people to message me if they want more info or group names. xxx