Surrogacy with donor egg?

Has anyone used a surrogate with a donor egg? How have you found the experience?
I have had the news today that pretty much confirmed that I am too far in the menopause to produce any decent eggs and become a biological mummy.
We would consider using a donor egg with my husbands sperm. I feel a bit weird about it but I’ll probably get used to the idea as I have with everything else.
Just wondered about other people’s experiences…?

Hi LilyAnnie

Sorry I can't be of much help to you.

I was diagnosed with CC in July at 27 and treatment I've had means ive lost my fertility. I am also unable to carry my own child. Luckily I was able to preserve 7 eggs which are frozen. Whilst I feel lucky I have those, I am also facing the possibility of not being a biological mum.

Would you be able to carry the baby yourself? I think its something to definitely think about. I've wanted to be a mum for a long time now and when I was diagnosed and the options of adoption, surrogacy, donor eggs were mentioned I said no straight away. After having time to digest everything and consider my possible options I've completely changed my mind about it.

Not sure if you have instagram but I follow this lady under the username of infertilitysurvivor. She has been through a lot and now is the mum to a little boy through egg donation. She has posts with pictures of her family and really inspirational messages. It always makes me feel better having a nosey on her page. You could send her a message through instagram maybe?

Lots of love x


Hi LilyAnnie,

Have you taken this any further?

I had been trying for a baby before I was diagnosed with stage 1b cancer last December.  Sadly due to the location of the cancer cells I was not able to safely have my eggs extracted prior to my treatment, which left me infertile and unable to carry a baby. I am looking at going down the path of donor eggs and surrogacy.  My partner is eager to start the process soonest but I am still struggling to see the trees from the woods after everything I have been through this last year.  It would be greatto connect with women going through similar.

Thanks much.


Nell_89,thank you for your post, I will check out the Instagram account you mention!