surprise colposcopy!

Hi All,

Im a complete novice to forums but thought i would give it a here it goes!

I attended my gp for an iud check they could not locate the strings and the nurse appeared concerned so called the DR. They explained i would need  a scan to locate the iud, but wanted to also refer me to a gynaecologist as there was an area of the cervix that looked inflamed possible cervical erosion, the gp then proceeded to ask me if i was ok and they shared a concerned look ans the gp then sympathetically said " ahhhh so young, mkre and more younger patients." I was left concerned the nurse explained that she thought there may be polyps and asked if i had had any other symptons. When asked i thought and realised that intercoursw had been painful and i had postcoital bleeding but put that down to the iud.

So good news they located the iud are happy with the position and are leaving it there. I saw a gynaecologist who did a thorough exam and then said that i needes a colposcopy. I had the colposcopy and please it was ok a bit undignified but ok. The gynaecologist didnt explain much took time applying the solutiins and then said she needed to take a biopsy which was a pinch with a dull cramping.

Im now waiting for results and starting to feel a little nervous. I feel silly for feeling nervous and silly discussing it but i felt i needes some reassurance. I find out 9.00am 18th sept!


I would love to hear from those in a similar situation or similar experiences.


Thank you for reading

Hey, I'm in the same boat as you - I had my colposcopy earlier this week and am waiting for biopsy results. I didn't have any unusual bleeding, a nurse saw the polyp during a screening test and automatically referred me to the colposcopy clinic before I even had my results back. (My resuls turned out to be clear.)

I was really worried going in but my doctor put my mind at ease. The vast majority of cervical polpys are benign and a few show some abnormalities that could eventually develop into CC. I came across this while Googling and it seems reasonable enough: If the doctor decides to remove it, I'm not exactly looking forward to going back but I'm definitely not as worried as I was between the smear and the colposcopy.

hi I'm also waiting for my biopsy results I had 3 taken I had mine on the 2nd its very nerve wracking of course it is I ring the hospital daily to see if they have come back lol I'm on tender hooks! But good luck with urs Hun hope u get sorted soon


Aug 2014 smear borderline changes with hpv

Sept 2014 colposcopy 3 biopsies waiting results