Surgical Menopause

I am 49, fifty in a few months and I had a radical hysterectomy 9 weeks ago. My op has sent me straight into full menopause (I was previously peri). I am now experiencing terrible hot flushing/sweats throughout the day and night along with insomnia and aching/stiff joints. Before I left hospital one of the Consultants told me I wouldn’t be given HRT as they don’t give it past the age of 50/51. I found this strange as I have friends and family who have have HRT and are over this age. My op seems to have gone well and I was over the moon that no cancer cells were found in my lymph nodes or tissue but these menopause symptoms are really dragging me down and affecting my quality of life. Can anyone advise whether they have experienced the same response or different re HRT post op and post 50 ? Thanks :pray:t2:

Well done on getting through your operation. You have been given rogue information. I can send you a paper on HRT after gynae cancer if you privately message me your email address. HRT will help you hugely.



Thanks Karen - thats given me hope! I just need to work out how to PM you … and I will send my email address :blush:

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