Surgery vs. Chemorads

I met with my doctor today regarding the results of my PET scan.  The PET scan says my cancer has NOT spread, and that it is smaller than she thought.  Instead of 5cm, the PET scan shows it is 2.9 cm.  She also said she thinks I am stage 1B.  She has given me the option of a radical hysterectomy OR having chemo and radiation.  She said if it were her, she would choose the radical hysterectomy.  She did caution me that I may have to have both, if the margins are not clear of if my lymph nodes show cancer.  

I am leaning towards the surgery, but wanted to know if anyone else had to make this decision and what they chose?

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Hi doglover,

I just wanted to say that's great news, and a little bit of relief for you in a completely awful time! I'll leave the advice, to someone that's had a hysterectomy though! Goodluck with everything and the decisions to be made!

Yes, I am slightly relieved.  However, I have some tough decisions to make...and I want to make them quickly to get this moving along.  I beginning to think the waiting is the worst part of cancer.

That's pretty good news. 

I think hysterectomy sounds the best option but it can lead to problems later on in think. I've not had one so can't really comment but if I recall correctly I think Tivoli said the chemo rads were easier to deal with than hysterectomy 

Hi dog lover. I have had both surgery and chemo rads. I was 1b1 and just within the limits for surgery. Had hoped it would just be the RH, but lymph nodes showed positive, so ended up having both. My RH was the laparascopic kind, so took a bit less time to recover. I am posting now, not to be gloomy about what can happen, but because I am now 3 years down the line, and although I have some long term effects from the chemo rads, I have little effect from the RH. If you chose the RH then that may be it for you. The chemo rads does often give long term effects both bladder and bowel. Not sure what age you are either and whether they might leave your ovaries in place. Tough decision to make, but if the worst comes to the worst and you need both, then it is doable. Good luck with the treatment whatever you decide. It is always a bit easier once the treatment is underway as you are doing something positive to get rid of it. 


I was staged 1b1 and offered a trach or hysterectomy.I chose to have the trach. I knew if my margins weren't clear they may do the hyst or I may have had to move on to chemo. I luckily just needed the surgery. I had mine done via abdominal incision and think this may have made recovery a little tougher than if it were done keyhole. It is totally your choice but I think Rachel has a good point about the longer term effects of chemo rads but I don't have experience of it so wouldn't want to suggest one is easier/better than the other. x

Thank you so much for your reply, Rachel.  I have decided to do the radical hysterectomy.  Depending on the lymph nodes test and how clear the margins are, I may or may not need chemo + radiation.  It goes without saying that I am dreading it, but I guess I have no choice.  I beg all my friends to get their daughters and sons the Gardisil shot now.  

Thank you misstell.  I have decided on radical hysterectomy.  I was told this leaves open the option of chemo + radiation down the road if I need it.  Not an easy decision at all!

Hi I was 1b1 and given the choice, I chose chemo radiation. I was 63 at the time of diagnosis, and did a good bit of research. I found out that if you have a radical hysterectomy and it is in lymph nodes then you get chemo radio after. I found out that chemo radio is far easier on oher organs if your womb is in place. I am 7 years down the line now have had bladder issues which have now resolved, also bowel issues which I found a cure for!!

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Thanks Katie.  You'll have to share your cure for bladder and bowel issues.  I just found out, after being opened up, that I had a cancerous lymph node, so the doctor closed me up and now I have to do chemo & radiation.  Ugh.

Sorry that has happened to you! That is awful. Now it has been found, they will be able to target it. The chemoradiation has worked for me , and I'm now in remission. Best wishes going forward! Take care xx

Thanks, Bexter.  It is frustrating b/c I seem to be an outlier for everything regarding this disease.  I had not one risk factor, then my PET scan showed a false negative--which doctor says is unusual.  Now the doctor tells me how effective chemo and radiation is on most people.  But now I keep thinking I may be an outlier for that too!

They knew with me that the radiation would stop the bleeding and shrink the tumour, they didn't know how much though and didn't really expect my response, but they were giving cure a go. But it worked! 

You are definitely due some Goodluck now. Heal up from surgery and spend some time with your cats and dog. Take care, I'll be thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way. 

So sorry to hear that they found it in the lymph nodes! I hope your treatment goes as well as possible x 


helpful info a repost

what you all should know

I have to post this in order to try and be of some help to the ladies
who in the future may post to this site.
I was diagnosed on April 1st 2010 with cervical cancer 1b1. I was 63 then.
Once i made my decision to have chemoradiotherapy I trawled the net to see what I
could do to help myself.
I found that if i used aqueous cream on the area that was going to be irradiated every day before treatment it would help.So i asked when i had my interview before treatment and they said it was ok to use it.
Every morning after my shower i rubbed it in the whole area, not too much just enough to make your skin feel soft.
Three days before chemo eat a piece of crystalized ginger every day, carry it with you afterwards even
when you have medications to stop sickness it is always handy.
Drink a pint of water on your way to your radiotherapy treatment and do not empty your bladder until
after treatment. Remeber to do the same thing on your planning appointment.
To protect your bowels every day take yakult(pro-biotic drink) or (and) aloe vera drink.
During the last week of treatment you will wonder if any of this works! Trust me it does.None of us
gets away with it.however this regime will help you to help yourself.
I cant walk the same walk of the wonderful women who regularly post here regardless of their own trials with lifes troubles.
However this is my small contribution god bless you all


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