Surgery took a different turn

Hi leanne,  I've just been reading Tivoli post to you and that's a brill idea.Your bound to feel fearful about chemo and no one even me will be able to tell you how you are going to be when you eventually start it, but it ,s just the unknown like every thing for the first time but I can tell you will feel different about it 2nd time around.Just to mention about your wig ...when you go to the Consultant to tell them you want to start chemo there will be a time before you start that you will be shown the chemo unit and a nurse will explain everything to you .In the pack you are given is a form to get help with your wig payment ...I carnt tell you how much they allow you but depending on the one you choose you could get the whole amount paid for you.I never filled this form in to claim because my mum wanted to buy mine.,she totally insisted...bearing in mind I was going to have the best quality there is and I was going to have real hair.My way of thinking was if I had to have one it was going to look like it was my hair....for real hair you can pay anything from £400 onwards.When I went to a place in my local centre (Derby)that is called Halos....the assisted was fab,she knew exactly what she was talking about.In the end she gave me great advice saying that the real hair was proving to have more static in them then the synthetic ones ....this was because I said I didn't want it sticking to my face.I choose one of these and never regretted it and I paid £120 for mine.I could have applied for the wig payment and didn't have to pay anything so do look into it,but I think you will have this explained to you.Have you been introduced to the Macmillan Nurse yet????.They are brilliant and will probably visit you at your home they have a mind of information about finance,benifits the lot.Also before I finish if you are feeling anxious or panicky go to GP and get some anxiety tablets.....honestly leann I was dead set against anything like that but I had a massive panic attack and had no choice. But they are the best things in my pill box and I take them as and when mainly on hospital visits or night times....just when I start to feel a little like I carnt cope I take one and it slowly calms me down.I wouldn't be without them.And like I said as and when so I'm in control of them.I've gone on again haven't I so speak again shortly.I say hurry up and get on that chemo ..don't let that bastard tumour think it's getting away with it.Big hug  lynne xx

Fab idea about the hair Tiv....i will donate my hair...i have stacks of it.

My district nurse has passed on my info to the macmillan nurse im just waiting for her to get in touch. I defo need something for my anxiety too, i grt panic attacks aswell Lynne.

The oncolgist that spoke to me last didnt really give me anything positive...he is my local one in Carlisle but i normally deal with a oncologist in Newcastle who is so lovely and i always feel so much at ease with him.....the only reason i didnt see him last week is because he was on holiday. I rang his secretary today to see if i could speak to him...just for a chat and he still isnt back...apparently the country he has gone to wont let him out the country due to i cant even talk to him.

Leeanne xx