Surgery options (children mentioned)

Hi guys,
Pretty new to all this.
Found out I had 1b1 about a month ago, I’ve had the loop excision done and the results came back as above.
Got a surgery date of the 9th of December but I’m still struggling to make the decision on what operation to have.
I’ve got a choice of trachelectomy or a radial hysterectomy…was wondering if anyone can give me advice, I have always planned on having children but my main goal for me now is the best cure rate and getting myself cancer free with the best operation possible.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Hi, I am also new to this but I have to say the ladies on here have been brilliant in helping to answer questions and give support.

I am currently awaiting staging but it has been suggested I am either 1b1 lymph node positive or 2b (although suggestion on Thursday that I am at 2b - which would mean I have to have a hysterectomy). I am 33 and was actually trying to start a family prior to finding out I had cc. I can only comment on the way I feel and this is by no means encouragement for you to choose either way.

My main aim is to start a family (as well as preserving my life). The only way to do this would be to opt for the trachalectomy (if I am at 1b1). However this does not have the same amount of success at clearing the cancer as the hysterectomy. Personally I would like to carry my own child if I get half the chance.

You say that your main goal is for the best cure rate - this would be the radical hysterectomy. I'm not sure how much they explained but my understanding of the rad. hysterectomy is that it will mean that you are able to keep your ovaries and produce eggs but you will not be able to carry your own child, instead you can try surrogacy, or other options such as adoption.

It is great that you have the option - I might not get that chance. There is a forum on here about preganancy after a trachelectomy.

I am currently trying to find out if there are any other alternatives for them to keep my womb - although I seem to be coming up against a brick wall.

I'm not sure if this would of helped at all but really I just want to say we are all here for you. It is important that you take the time to think about this and come to the decision that is right for you.

Good luck






Hi there. 

I had a trachelectomy in February and I'm still all clear. I was 1B1. I can tell you what i was told by my consultant and what I found from extensive research.

firstly the doctors are extremely careful and selective about who they offer a trach to. at mine and many other hospitals the tumour must be under 2cm and NOT have any lymph involvement. During the op they remove lymph nodes and they also did a frozen section during my surgery. So they tested part of the cervix which they removed during the op. IF they suspect the cancer has spread during the op they revert to a hysterectomy. IF your lymph nodes come back positive they do more treatment. this is a curative surgery which is proven by all the women on her have successfully had it.

secondly and probably most importantly. As long as you meet all of the criteria above and do not have any risk factors, the trachhelectomy has the same cure rates as a hysterectomy. This is backed up medical studies. Let me know if you want me to pm you any links to this.

Personally for me, I trusted my doctors. They offered me a trachelectomy and checked if I was eligable at every stage. I am also monitored every 3 months very carefully. It was the best decision I ever made :) If you want children then the trach is a very good option. It's all personal choice though.


Just wanted to agree with what Nellie said. I was diagnosed as 1b1 and was initially offered trachelectomy, although later the consultant decided I could get away with only the cone and lymph node removal.

They have a very strict criteria of who is eligible for the trachelectomy and you need to have fulfilled it at every point. Once you do and your lymph node analysis shows as clear, the cure rate is the same as with hysterectomy..

So the choice is yours but the research shows that you are not at a higher risk should you choose the trachelectomy..

xx Anna


I just want to reiterate everything the girls before have said. I was diagnosed with 1b1 last January following lletz under GA. I had an MRI and a CT scan. Then a cone biopsy which came back with clear margins. To be doubly sure I also had my lymph nodes done which came back clear. 

Everyone is different but the most radical treatment may not be what you need. I'm saying this as I remember myself asking my consultant if a hysterectomy would be best...I just wanted the disease out of me! It is hard but trust the professionals opinion.

Hope all goes well for you



I am in a similar boat to the original lady that posted this thread. I had a meeting with my consultant today to confirm after my 1B1 diagnosis from my first LLETZ my options. Apparently I am a candidate for 3 different options 1. Radical hysterectomy, 2. Trachelectomy or 3. A second lletz all of these options will also see me having my lymph glands removed. I have recently turned 29 and as of yet haven't had any children so I really feel if the other two options are plausible for me I would rather for for them. I have been asked to think about it over the next week or so and phone them with my thoughts but I really have no idea where to start. I want to be a mum, I want to be cancer free. Is the second LLETZ to simple a solution? Is the Trachelectomy overkill? Or is the Trachelectomy the wise inbetween choice? I honestly have no idea how to make this decision so any help/shared experience is greatly appreciated.



Hi Julie, 

This time last year following large LLETZ I was also given a 1b1 diagnosis. I had a similar dilemma to you...I was 28, married, no children. My consultant recommended a second large LLETZ  as a first option. I did this...then the following month had nodes removed, all clear. I now have very little/no cervix and need a cervical stitch to be put in before trying for a baby and will never give birth naturally. This is similar to if I had a trachelectomy. So 10 months on besides bad periods I am clear and this was a good option for me. 

I think if your consultant feels this treatment is enough for you you should go for it. 

Best wishes