surgery on friday- advice

Hi all-  I am writing on behalf of my sister again


Yesterday we recieved confirmation that the abnormal cells found in her cervix are the early stages of cancer. 

However the doctor said these cells are slow growing and the earliest stage they can possibly be.

I didnt grab any medical terms. My sister is booked in for surgery on Friday and she is having the cells removed and a  cone biopsy, among other things to pinpoint what this thing is and determine if further treatment is needed.

Of course we are praying this will be the only surgery she needs.

The surgery will be during the day and she will stay overnight. 

She is also having a call prior to the surgery to discuss any questions she might have. Does anyone have any suggestions as what to ask, what to take to the hospital or what to expect? Sorry for vague post but I dont know what exactly will happen in the surgery, yet. If anyone wants to share their experience please do. 

Many thanks,



Hi Sara,

For any overnight stay in hospital she will want a nightie, dressing gown, slippers and sponge bag as absolute basics. She will also want something to read or some other way to occupy herself if she or her neighbours aren't in the mood for striking up conversation. She needs to take only things which won't disturb others but allow for the fact that there may be disturbances so headphones or earplugs are often a good idea. It's not unusual to feel a bit lack-lustre in hospital and I think that nicely painted toenails would probably cheer me up if only I ever thought of that for myself!

Be lucky


I agree with all the above and I don't want to be a killjoy on the toenail thing but the anethitists prefer your finger and toenails to be clear because they use them to gauge something to do with blood oxygen. I just remember being growled at for having bright orange toes once for an un-cervical cancer related surgery. Maybe pack some bright polish and treat your sister to a wee pedicure as a pick me up after surgery :-)