Surgery Cancelled

I was due to have a radical vaginal trachelectomy on Thursday. Last night I received a call from my gyn onc telling me that my recent MRI showed that the tumor extended into my parametrium and I am no longer eligible for surgery. In meeting with him this morning, my treatment will change to radiation + chemo, followed by brachytherapy. I have now been upgraded…stage 2b. I was initially diagnosed 04/25, but ive been going tbrough this for a year, trying to figure out what is going on in my body.

If I choose to do egg retrieval, this will push treatment out about 6 weeks. I feel like my cancer is agressive as I was clear at the end of 2020 and now im at 2b. Im getting impatient…worried…and then add the added stress of infertility. Im 34, no kids.

Help, please. What do I expect with treatment? Rate of recurrence?

Anybody do egg retrieval first? What was that experience like?

As you can probably tell…I’m feeling a bit frustrated…

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Ach my darling what a horrible thing to happen. I cant answer your question from tne point of veiw of fertility. That decision isyours and yours alone.
All I can tell you is Stage 2B is curable and chemorads are tough but doable. As for brachy I found it quite easy to be honest.
All I will say is put your life 1st. Don’t hesitate.
Its really not worth it.
I hope someone will be able to give you more informed advice than I can

Big hugs

Thanks for your kind words. The fertility part makes it tough as I dont want to regret my decision. Im leaning toward no egg retrieval and just starting treatment as soon as I can.

Im glad to hear from a warrior who has been through the treatments. The brachy seems the most scary and its comforting to hear your experience with it.

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Sorry to hear your diagnosis its awful to be told you have cancer and then to be told that surgery can’t be carried out and you need chemorads is a further blow.
I can’t advise on egg retrieval as i was 54 when diagnosed, but your consultant should be able to tell you the grade of your cancer, if it’s low grade then perhaps you could wait 6 weeks for treatment.
A horrible decision to have to make at such a young age, i really do feel for you.
Take care xx

Its been feeling like all of my appointments are full of surprises.

I hope i get a consultation for the chemorads soon so I can put my mind at ease. I think I need to stick with my gut in that this is moving quickly and I should go to treatment without delay. It’s devastating. I never thought I would have to make such a life-altering decision, virtually overnight.

I appreciate your kind words and hope you are doing well.

I’m sorry that you’ve found yourself here! It’s devastating but trust me once you start your treatment it will go so quickly!

I was given the all clear beginning of 2021 then this year was at stage 3… Unfortunately they didn’t go deep enough so please don’t worry, you’re curable!

I’ve just finished my 5 weeks of chemorads - it’s exhausting but keep your spirits up! Nap a lot and find the foods you are able to eat. The bowel prep is a nightmare (from someone who only really drinks water I struggled but started putting fresh lemon in my water and that helped massively).

I had 4 bracky sessions and that was (for me) the easiest part of the treatment). I tried the general atheistic and the spinal blockage but preferred the ga…!

Good luck and once you start it will feel like a memory! Xx

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Hi @Srozy,

I’m so sorry you’re going through this. The diagnosis of cancer is enough to deal with, but losing your fertility on top of that is a double whammy. I was in a similar position last year. I’m 36 and had already had a trachelectomy in 2018 in an attempt to preserve my fertility. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a recurrence in 2021 and had to make the difficult decision of whether or not to go through with egg retrieval. I did it because I felt that I would regret it if I didn’t at least give it a shot.

I didn’t find the process that physically grueling, but emotionally it was hard. I didn’t have a partner at the time, which made it more challenging. It delayed my treatment by about a month. I was lucky that I ended up retrieving 18 eggs, but many women get much less than that, and there are no guarantees. To be honest, I don’t know if I will ever be able to use them because my only option would be to use a surrogate, which is prohibitively expensive at the moment.

If I had felt that my cancer was growing aggressively, I probably would have made a different choice. This is such an individual decision, and whatever you choose will be right for you and no one else.

Feel free to inbox me if you have more questions about the ins and outs of it. Sending lots of love xxx

P.S. The brachy was the easiest bit for me too!

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Thank you for all of the great suggestions!! I will definitely keep them in mind. My consultation with the radiation oncologist is this Wednesday and I hope the planning goes quick from there. I havent had any treatment since Leep in March and I just feel like I need to get moving.

Im so glad to hear about your bracky and that it was the easier part of treatment! That’s so comforting.

This has been the hardest decision of my life, but I am going to move forward without egg retrieval. My gut is telling me that this is moving quick and I dont want to push it out further. I know we will find an alternate way to make a family. My heart breaks, but I had a great conversation with one of my doctors about it and it truly helped me after I made this decision.

Something I’m learning is that I have so many people in my life that are willing to support me in ways I never imagined. I feel so fortunate.

It is so hard being at this stage of life and getting a diagnosis. My 30s have been feeling like life is just starting. Then BOOM! What a rollercoaster!

Its so amazing that you were able to get so many eggs. Was egg retrieval process painful?

Wishing you the best!!

:heart: It’s really important to follow your gut. Your life is the most important thing, and I’m sure when all of this is over, you’ll go on to live a long and happy one with a beautiful family. There are so many children out there who need loving parents. It’s brilliant that you have so many people to help get you through it, too.

I was sedated during the egg retrieval, so I felt nothing. I was a bit sore afterwards but nothing to write home about.

It’s a rollercoaster we don’t want to be on, but we’ll get off eventually!

Hope they get your treatment started quickly and keep us all updated :muscle:

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