Surgery cancelled 😩

Hello everyone,
I’m hoping for some further advice please? I went for a colposcopy on Thursday this week and the lovely nurse decided to quickly refer me for a LLETZ procedure under GA. she said this was due to the fact that the cells were ‘high up?’ And ‘around the sides?’ (I don’t know what this means) and that they were worse than she first thought. She told me they were high grade severe and I am hpv positive.
I was referred really quickly to have my operation on the 15th October and I went for my pre op today.
The nurse at my pre op said that they can’t operate on this date due to me having a chest infection (I’m just finishing antibiotics)
I totally understand why I can’t have it…. But I just feel in limbo now. The nurse at pre op said it will be at least 6 weeks wait for my chest infection to be good enough for me to safely be put to sleep.

The colposcopy nurse seemed to want me rushed through and didn’t take any biopsies or anything at the colposcopy as I have a blood disorder and she said my cervix looked really inflamed and angry. I also was bleeding pretty heavy (which of a normal every single day thing for me)
I’m just wondering if this sort of thing has happened to anyone else? My husband wants me to contact the colposcopy department to ask if they can do a biopsy at least to put us out of our misery… do you think they would?
I have been having some symptoms which I have put off for quite some time now and now I’m just Kicking myself thinking what if?

I’m sorry for ranting, this forum is such a safe space :heart: Any advice at all would be really well accepted :heart:

Thank you xxx

Hi Becks1990

No apologies for ranting needed - sometimes it just has to be done.

It might be prudent to contact the colposcopy clinic if for no other reason than to check they’re fully aware about what was said at your pre-op - I’ve experienced a few failures of communication within the health system. Also there’s no harm in asking the them about what options there might be e.g. further tests etc

Meanwhile make sure you take good care of yourself so are you good to go in a few weeks time. I’m sure you know all this but finish your course of antibiotics, keep well hydrated, eat healthy, if you smoke try and cut back, proper sleep helps everything.

Also try not to stress; I know quite a lot about the ‘what if’ thing - I hadn’t had a smear test for over 10 years when I was diagnosed (stage 2A cc) - it’s a hindsight thing and what is done is done - be kind to yourself.

Wishing you all the best


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Hi Becks1990
This is a safe forum to rant. I don’t have much advice because my experience is different from yours , but wanted to say you can request to have lletz under local anaesthesia Doing a biopsy will mean waiting again 3-4 weeks for results.
Let me know how it goes .