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Hi my gf got results of her colposcopy and it said precancerous changes and treatment required.


thats all it said, I thought they would tell which cin it was and also what treatment? Apparently the doc says cold coagulation but this isn't normal lets zzz is normal right?


also this is in Scotland which low success rates compared to other countries.


help me I'm worried 1 nco knowing and also not knowing what treatments.  



Treatment required

Hello :) has your girlfriend spoke to the nurse who did the colposcopy? Ask her to contact them and ask for a bit more info as to what grade they think it's at. I'm not sure myself how the whole procedure works - but I'm sure they'll do what's necessary to remove the pre cancerous changes. Sometimes they offer you treatment at the colposcopy if they see abnormalities, not all places off the same though I don't think. 

Ask your girlfriend to contact them for more info, I'm sure they'll be happy to answer all her questions :)

Sorry I couldn't be more help! Good luck :)

How refreshing to see a man on here! 

Sounds like you have already had a look into things. 

Some smears are unable to give a level of CIN defected. Mine just said severe high grade dykscarosis rather than a CIN but once biopsies have been taken they should have a good idea of the level of CIN. She can ring up & ask for further details if she wants. 

Lletz is the more common procedure done to remove cells but it is entirely dependant on where you are, the hospitals equipment, qualified staff & the doctors personal preference. 

I had laser treatment for my abnormal cells at the same time I had a trachelectomy so I never had a Lletz either. 

Again she is able to ask why this method is being used rather than say Lletz.

Hope you both get the answers you are looking for.