Supporting my girlfriend

hello all, hope youre all enjoying the sunshine lately.


i apologise if this is not the correct category for my ranting but I wanted to seek out some support and advice as I’m unsure what to think.


my girlfriend has always been the type of person to always need the toilet, she would go quite frequently, after intercourse she would usually inform me she would bleed, not a whole lot just enough to raise concern. 

She decided to go to the doctors and they did a smear test etc and told her that her cervix appears inflamed, they sent the smears off and she got back clear results (no infections etc) but they said it appears abnormal, she got abnormal results

i have had a read about the symptoms and everything is pointing towards cervical cancer but i have no idea what to think, is it always a guarantee that it will be after such results? Or could it be something less significant that shares similar symptoms?

once again apologies if it’s in the incorrect category or anything,

thank you for reading