Support needed UPDATE RESULTS

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here.  I had a colposcopy yesterday after gettting a smear result showing 'severe diskaryosis'. I had the smear on July 8th, got the result on July 21st and had the colposcopy on July 31st so everything moved quiet fast which I'm quiet worried about.  I haven't been for a smear since 2007, which I kicking myself for now. The nurse said that I had CIN3 and the preformed Lletz and took a biopsy.  I'm running through every detail of the conversation in my head trying to figure out did she say something that would give me an inclination as to wether it was bad or not.  She did ask about my kids (5&2) and asked was I planning on having more, which I replied I'm not.  Now I'm thinking that she thinks its so bad I might need a hysterectomy.  She also asked did I get called in for a smear and I told her that No I just said I better get one.  And then she said You weren't having any symptoms that made you go for one, which I replied No.  So again I'm thinking the worst. 

Jesus I'm sick.  I suffer from GAD and depression and by God I'll be gone spare if those result take the 6 weeks she said they wood. 

Hi Blaa,

I know it's easier said than done but try not to panic. Things do move quickly sometimes (I had a call for a colposcopy before I'd even received my smear results letter!) but they just have a cancellation etc. From what I can remember (not a lot, I was petrified) the nurse who did my colposcopy asked whether I had any kids, she also asked about family history, whether I'd been having symptoms and I'm sure she asked if it was my first smear (which was a bit odd becuase I was only just 25?!) I think they just like to get as much background infomation as they can. 

I would mention statistics, but I hate statistics - and they don't help when you chat to the nurse before your smear and they tell you everything will be fine, only a minute percentage of ladies get called back etc then you happen to be one of that 'minute group' which makes you feel awful and scared. 

The best thing you can do right now is to take your mind off the wait for results. Again, definitely easier said than done and I know how hard it is - the only advice I can give for it is keep busy! I found puzzles (although weirdly only number ones like Sudoku!) were the only thing that helped me not think about what was going on (whenever I watched telly my mind wandered which was bad!). I hope you find your thing and get some good news x x x

Thank you for your reply.  I'm just kicking myself that I didn't go for one sooner but hey you know what they say about hindsight.  What will be will be.

Hiya I'm no expert at all, I only heard of high grade dyskaryosis on Tuesday when I found out I had it argh! This is what I've been told since my letter... It is standard practise for the nhs to see high grade patients within 2 weeks so don't worry about the speed and I've heard of lots of people getting calls from their GP urging them to go to the appt when they know it's something more sinister. Also, I think they ask you about children and whether you want more because the lletz can impact on carrying a baby full term, so I guess they want to know as much as poss before deciding which treatment to give you. I'm currently waiting for my biopsy results as well, he didn't treat on the day as wanted to make sure it was absolutely necessary and not over treat, I should find out within the next two weeks. It is torture! Xxxx


As I have been told, it's because when you have had lletz you're more likely to have a premature birth, my Gyno asked the same thing xx

Girls I got the result of my colposcopy and it said Cin3 and highgrade CGIN. I must go back in 6 months for smear.  Should I take this as a positive result??? 

Yes of course! So pleased for you :) still waiting for lletz results although had 3 punch biopsies that came back clear of cancer xxx