Supplements to help clear HPV

Hi there,

I was recently diagnosed with low grade dysplasia with high risk HPV and am due to have my colposcopy in June. I am absolutely terrified they will tell me to get a lletz treatment, while I am not scared of the procedure it’s self I’m a very active person and sitting around for 6 weeks healing would really ruin my mental health.

I’ve heard a lot about people using supplements such as AHCC, beta glucans, sulforaphane, vitamin D,C,E,A and folate to help clear HPV during the “watch and wait” period if they’re not told to get a lletz. Has anyone had positive experiences with this?

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I am currently taking green tea capsules x
2, AHCC x2, Turmeric x2, flic acid x 1. I go for a colposcopy at the end of June for my 6 month check. I have CIN 1 and high risk HPV. I am exactly like you a very active person and train for my mental health.


I go for my first colposcopy in a few weeks. I have low grade changes and high risk hpv. Am taking green tea capsules, folic acid and multi vitamins. Might buy the AHCC but not sure where to get it from as i dont recognise the online retailers. I drink green tea now and again anyway, am quite active running 5 to 10 k regularly and enjoy good health. I have always eaten the ‘right’ foods etc so it is all quite discouraging. I am sure my cell changes are due to the body stress of menopause as i have only just gone a year without periods at 58 so quite late.

You will be fine my AHCC are from Amazon and the made is Time health brand.
What date do you go for the colposcopy? I think the same stress of me being perimenapose.

Thanks so much for the reassurance. I will get them into my Amazon shopping basket. The date of my colposcopy is 23rd June.

Fab I have been taking them for a while now since Nov, when I had my abnormal pap. My colposcopy is the 27th of June. Fingers crossed :ok_hand: xxxx

Fingers crossed for you. I will let you know how it goes.

Yes please do sending you lots of healing and love xx

I am somewhat desperate now to clear my HPV, which has so far caused moderate cell changes, and severe anxiety for me. I’m taking multi vits and omega 3 capsules. Also drinking green tea, I have evening primrose oil, shittake mushroom supplements, and papillex. I’m hoping these things are helping, though I have no real evidence they are. Hoping that my evidence will be when I get a negative HPV result after years of stress and anxiety.

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Hello you may want to research the following:

AHCC / Turkey tail
Green tea extract
A female probiotic
Vitamin C
Methyl folate
Vitamin D
Selenium (in small doses)

I use iherb to purchase half of these and the others I get from Holland & Barrett. I try to use BetterYou sprays where I can as I don’t like swallowing tablets.

In addition there are products (gels) you can put in your vagina, most of which are prescribed in Europe/can be bought over the counter there but they don’t have regulatory approval. These include

HPV basant
Colpofix (this is a spray)

In addition there is a clinic in London that will apply TCA treatment which may clear 70% of HPV infections but the cost is circa £2000.

I can’t comment on any of this working. I’m taking the above oral supplements but in two months they didn’t reverse my disease progression and I just had a LLETZ. They say it takes 6 months though and I did have CIN 2. Once I’m healed I intend to order some of the vaginal gels / spray in the hope of clearing the HPV that I’ve had for 13 years.

Also I would caution against people drinking lots and lots of green tea - you would need in excess of 20 cups a day to get the same benefit as one capsule with the extract. I use the brand life extension because it was the only one I could find that was decaffeinated. It seemed to have a good amount of EGCG, which is the part of the green tea I found was researched in trials.

Just wanted to share my experience with all of you with the thought that it might help someone.
I was diagnosed with high risk hpv and CN1 in July 2021. Had colposcopy in August and the results confirmed positive high risk hpv and CN1. I thought to give a try to AHCC kinko Platinum. So I took AHCC kinko Platinum 3g empty stomach early morning. Also took multivitamin, vitamin C 1000mg, Curcumin and folic acid daily for 3 months. Green tea twice a day.Also used Papilocare vaginal gel for 2 months. I had private colposcopy and the results came back as hpv negative. I was so anxious and was taking antidepressants since July. Now I am so so happy and also left taking antidepressants. This is my personal experience which I am sharing and not paid for any positive review.Best of luck for all of you who have high risk hpv.
I had my smear test again after an year in July 2022 and it has come back as negative.