Suggestions needed

Just seeing if anyone on here has some advice.  I found out I had CIN 3 while I was pregnant with my baby boy this past year.  I went for regular checkups and biopsies during pregnancy but my doctors told me they will hold off on treating until I gave birth.  My water ended up breaking at 26 weeks for unknown reasons.  


I gave birth to my precious boy at 26 weeks and 4 days.  He is still in the nicu, but he is going to make it and will be coming home soon.  I went back to my gyno oncologist and she said my CIN 3 was still there as well as a polyp.  I did a cone biopsy a couple weeks ago and got the polyp removed as well as a leep of the surrounding area.   It all came back with 1a1 with clear margins but since I have evidence of LVSI, my doctor wants to do a radical trachelectomy.  Now I understand it is a fertility sparing treatment, but I have already had a pre term birth and I am terrified of going through this nicu journey again!


I found a clinical trial ongoing to test if a cone biopsy plus pelvic lymphadenectomy would be a more conservative option for early stage cervical cancer.  I am leaning towards this option but I am concerned about the cancer spreading and getting worse in the future.  Would this option be TOO conservative?  I am wondering if anyone has any experience or just understand where I am coming from by hestitating to do the trachelectomy? I really want another child, and I am 31 years old who has been diagnosed with PCOS before.  I  was estactic that I was able to have my first child, and I am praying that I can squeeze in another before I eventually need a hysterectomy!


I’ve had a cone biopsy and lymphadenctomy for stage 1b1 as my tumour was relatively small volume, this was 3 years ago, and so far so good. So if you fit the criteria, it’s possible.

Good luck!


Hi Anna,


Do you know if you had any lvsi in your cone biopsy?  If so how much lvsi did you have?  Thanks for the reply!  I’m super worried  cancer may be in my lymph nodes since my lvsi shows extensive, although my pet scan and mri did not show anything so I am trying to keep my hopes up.

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