Sudden scary symptoms

Hi so me and husband had rough sex last night and when i woke up today i had light bleeding thats lasted all day. Last week i had a bad pain in my hip area out of no where but thats mostly gone now. But now this. I felt like maybe i had torn twice during sex but ive felt that before and never bled from it. Im freaking out thinking the worst. I just finished my period last week friday or saturday. Theres no pain with the bleeding just a slight burning when i pee but not deep pain just pain like on the walls of the vagina inside. Do these sound like something to worry about? Im scared to get checked out.

As long as you are getting regular smear tests (which you should be) when called for them, bleeding after rough sex simply means you’ve injured yourself and it will take time to heal. The pain in your hip (which is improving) sounds completely unrelated to gynaecological issues and was probably muscular or skeletal.

Maybe you need to be a bit kinder to yourself, but there is nothing to indicate it could be relate to a cancerous or pre-cancerous condition.

Im still bleeding today. Not as bad but still bleeding. If it doesnt stop or happens next time i have sex i will get a pap. I havent been gettining them. Last one i had didnt get enough cells to give a proper test and after that i never went back to get it checked.

It will need checking out - it could be an ectropion (unrelated to cancer, but can cause bleeding) - so someone needs to take a little look! X

Hi there, sounds like you may have a sex injury. Go and see your gp as you may have a wound that needs cauterised or stitches to stop the bleeding, and a round of antibiotics to prevent infection. And use plenty of lube in future.
Hope u get it sorted. X