Sudden cramps and soreness after 2.5 weeks LLETZ

Hi everyone,

Firstly, just wanted to say I was super emotional and anxious right after the treatment and I found this forum. Reading your posts definitely eased my worries about all the side effects after the LLETZ procedure.

I had my procedure 2.5 weeks ago. During the first 10 days, I had a watering discharge and the smell was horrible. From day 11, I started bleeding and it got quite heavy on days 12,13 and 14. I was so worried but thankfully the amount of blood reduces so I thought my cervix is healing! However, this morning, on day 17, while I was cleaning my bathroom, I felt I might pull/ tear my cervix wound and since then I am feeling sore and cramps. Had a small blood clot that came out shortly after. Now I also feel super tired…:frowning:

I have been taking it super easy and hadn’t done any heavy lifting or exercises. Now I am a bit worried… It’s going to be the weekend and I am flying on Monday to visit my family for two weeks… Any advice would be super appreciated!! Thank you!

Ring your doctor they will give you some antibiotics sounds like you have an infection I’m 2 weeks post LLETZ, I still feel emotional all the time, the waiting around is awful. Hope you get sorted and can enjoy your holiday xx