Sudden bleeding after lletz??


I had lletz treatment for CIN3 on 5th May. All went well, no where near as bad as I thought it would be and I felt fine after it.

I had no bleeding after. Just a very watery discharge until yesterday. Yesterday I had fresh bright red blood which has been constant since. I'be also got cramps as well.

Today the bleeding is heavier, too heavy for just a panty liner which I have been using.

Is this bleeding normal?

Thanks for any advice x

hey - i had sudden bleeding yesterday (gushing :() 2.5 weeks post-lletz - phoned gynae at my hospital and they told me to come in. turns out the scab had come out and they had to cauterize it with silver nitrate. Give your hospital a call because I don't think you are supposed to bleed *that* much.


Thanks for your reply. It's shut over the weekend so I'll see how it is tomorrow and maybe phone NHS and see what they say.

Did the re-cauterising hurt?

No - I mean, it's never fun having someone shove a speculum up there but I didn't really feel the silver nitrate at all. I quizzed them a lot on how much it would hurt and they said some people might feel a little bit of tingling but nothing unbearable.


If it stays as it is perhaps call NHS - when I called my hospital they told me to come in straight away and that I could bypass A&E - good thing as I still feel weak, I assume from the blood loss :(.