Sudden Bleed 6 weeks after LLETZ

Hi everyone,

Its been 6 weeks since my LLETZ treatment for CIN3. I wouldn’t say recovery has been smooth in terms of bleeding, about a week after the Loop, I started bleeding much like a period for a few weeks which worried me to the point of going back to the hospital where they took a swab for infection. (Nothing found) And then finally went down to spotting. I had my period 12 days ago. And after that, practically nothing and I stopped using liners.

On Monday night, I felt a bit hormonal, oddly, as it had only been a week or so since my period. I had Bloating and the like. And since Tuesday, I’ve had spotting and blood when I wipe. On Tuesday it was more pink, but is now more brown.

Saw the emergency doctor yesterday who tried to look at the cervix but couldn’t see much due to discharge and the brown blood. She took another swab and a gave me a prescription for antibiotics although we haven’t yet got the result.

I have not had sex or can think of anything which could have disturbed the cervix in 6 weeks. Is it possible it is due to the treatment and/or healing? I think a fairly large area of cervix was taken.

My main concern is that its an irregular period bleed which has never happened for me before. I am only 33 and really want children.