Stuffed up treatment!

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 3b with lymph node involvement. I initially had a chemo cocktail of Carboplatin, paclitaxel and avastin. This was stopped after 6 rounds as my oncologist said that a lymph node had increased in size (this later turned out to be a cyst on my ovary - so it was stopped prematurely)

After a break of a few months and a scan which showed nothing outside of the pelvis then my oncologist suggested we go for cure and do chemorads followed by brachytherapy.

i had terrible constipation for ages and went to my doctor to find out if we could do something before the radio started. She said it was probably the cancer becoming active again and it would improve when we started radio.

when I finished radio the following morning I was throwing up my own faeces and had to go to a and e. I was told I had to have an emergency bowel operation (life and death) as I had an obstruction! 

This resulted in me not being able to have the brachytherapy. My oncologist came to see me in intensive care straight after the op and informed me that there was nothing more she could do for me. I have since seen her after having been out of hospital for a month and she gave me a ct scan, I am due to get the results on Monday and I’m so scared! 

Ive asked her to refer me to the royal marsden in London as she had made rather a lot of faux pas through out my treatment and I feel like she will kill me off if I let her continue! 

Has anyone else had similar or transferred to another hospital after some treatment?? 





Hi Julia

Sorry to hear you have been through so maybe better off joining the advanced side of this site as the women there may have more experience...have you asked your doctor about trials there are a few our there you could maybe try xx

Yes, I agree. You need to be in the advanced. The main thing you need to.know is whether that cancer is confined to the pelvis. If it is, you might be eligible for exenteration with a possible cure.  

Karen x