Can anyone help me/give me some advice please…
Due to my upcoming chemoradiation im going to become infertile. I don’t have any children and this news has devastated me as I always wanted to have children. I went through fertility treatment and have had 6 embryos frozen and will have to use a surrogate in the future.

I am so sorry that I can't give you experience on this. I just clicked on this forum by accident tbh.

You have frozen eggs so you have a possibility of becoming a parent.  Cling to that.

Hi Gemma


I am also so sorry that I am not able to give you any advise on what best to do, but read your post and had to reply back to say I am so sorry for your pain during this time and although my journey is different am also considering the future without children, which is so alien to me and one which I can't seem to get my head around. 

I just wanted to reply, not with the usual cliches which no doubt you are hearing (even if said in the most meaningful ways) and say I am so sorry that this has changed the course of your life for how you wanted it to be. You deserve to be here so much though Gemma and even though you are struggling I hope you can take soMr comfort in knowing you are taking a journey, which is the only route and one which will make you stronger than most people with ever know. 

Thank you you for posting and sharing your struggle. reading your post made me feel less alone on a bad day

sal xx

Hi Sal,

thank you for replying. It is so hard to exept that I may be childless for the rest of my life. It will be hard watching all my female friends and family do what I won't be able to. But I will have to put a brave face on. Surrogacy is so expensive may never be able to afford it but will try my hardest. Thank you for replying it was so lovely to read ❤️ You are not alone xxxxx