Struggling with this

I got my hpv letter last week and I’m really struggling to be intimate again.
This is worrying me so much. I’m scared my body won’t fight it off.
I know I posted the other day saying that I felt dirty, I still do. And tbh I’m worried that I’m just going to be stuck in an endless cycle with this now.
I just feel so fed up

I’m sorry your feeling like this, I can’t really advise or help, but feel I’m in/going to be in a similar position, and if anyone has any advice/help I would be interested.
I’m currently single and in April had results come back with HPV and abnormal cells, I’ve now had 2 procedures done to take biopsies and just waiting for the results of the 2nd one. At the moment the thought of meeting someone and becoming intimate scares me, as well as do I need to mention about this etc.

I hope it gets better for you.