Struggling to cope


Ive had 3 abnormal smear which in turn led to have 3 unsuccessful colposcopys. Seen consultant and only treatment left to have is a hysterectomy. I understand i need this, but now i'll never have my own children. We have previously been trying for a baby but has never happen. Hubby has a daughter from previous marriage and she's due to give birth in 4 weeks time. I feel so useless and angry that i'll never be able to give birth and experience what its like to be pregnant. I'm struggling so much emotionally and my mood keeps swinging. I feel lost and not me anymore.

Hi Donna, 

I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. Please know your emotions are really common, this is a incredibly difficult experience you are having. You might find it beneficial to ask to be reffered to for fertility support and counselling if your hospital offer it. 

Please also know you can call our free helpline (0808 802 8000) anytime, our trained helpliners are there to listen and support you. You can call just to talk to someone and let off steam. 

Sending you my best wishes and thoughts,


I'm so sorry your feeling that way hun

Honestly I am in the same position, just so angry it's taken so long to find it & wait for my first smear test.  & after having been trying for a baby for 2 years I'll never have that chance of experiencing pregnancy. I'm here if you need to talk


Sending lots of love hunny. We can get through this all together xxx

Hi Cathryn

I hope your ok, i'm plodding along, more darker angry days at the moment, im now nearly 10 weeks post surgery, everyone thinks i should be happy im alive and healthy, but i can't get past the fact that i'll never be a mummy.

Donna x

Hey, Don't worry. we are all with you. Just take rest and contact doctors.