Struggled before struggling

Hi everyone,

We struggled to get pregnant before I was going through any of this pre-cancerous stuff and now since having the loop biopsy I haven't

had my period which is now about 5 days late.

I know I'm not going to be having sex for a few weeks as I was told not to by my Dr and Nurse however I'm just wondering

when things are going to go back to "normal"

We struggled because my husband has a psychological block leading to delayed ejaculation therefore we are more than likely going

to have to have fertility treatment but the hospital won't treat us because I'm 4/5 stone overweight.

I have been trying to lose weight and lost 2 stone last year but since all of this has happened I just know I've put on weight again

because food has been my comfort and thinking about diets has been at the back of my mind.

Everyone around me is getting pregnant or having babies, inlcuding my sister who announced she was pregnant on mothers day

(3 days after I had my loop biopsy) which I have found extremely hard to cope with..

Feeling really down about the prospect of never having my own family and can't stand the patronised comments from family

"You're still young, plenty of time, you're only 25" << that doesn't help me unfortunately!!

My husband is 44 and I don't want to wait much longer to give him a family.. sorry for ranting it just feels good to get it off

my chest to people who may understand because everyone in my life just thinks it's going to happen as if by magic

and no1 understands how I feel since having the loop biopsy



Hi i am sorry your having to go through all of this extra stress on top of having treatment. My first smear was 10/3/14 and came back high grade dyskaryosis i had lletz treatment on 27/3/14 and i am now waiting for my results. It is a very stressful time and having people tell you everything is going to be ok is little comfort as they dont know what its like to always have that "what if?" At the back of your mind. I have not had my diet at the top of my list since having my abnormal results. sometimes you need to take little steps to get through things. Try not to stress about trying to concieve the more stress you put yourself through the harder it will be. There are lots of women on this site who have gone on to have a family after having many diferent treatments. Try get through this first and then focus on moving forward with having a family :) As for your sister she probably didnt realise the affect of announcing her pregnancy just after your treatment.Why not try talking to her about how you are feeling? Good luck xx

Hi ladies, about the weight part... I lost 2 stone with the nutritional product juice plus. It's been a year now and I've managed to keep it off. Plus it has loads of other benefits too. Im not trying to sell you anything at all but if you email me I'll send you my nutrition plan for free. I don't usually do this but I have clients losing upto 7lb in a week just by follow the plan. If you want a copy send me a private message

Good luck with everything else xxx (got my colposcopy tomorrow im bricking it! )