Stressed waiting on results

Hi everyone. Currently waiting on my results and i feel like i cant move off my couch with stress and worry, i feel like my life is on hold till i get the results. I am so scared incase i get a phone call saying the have found cc. Dr reassured me that he didnt think it was cc, but i cant help thinking that they will and he was wrong. Also the thought of living with HPV and sitting waiting thinking it could develope into something is all thats on my mind aswell. I guess we are all thinking the same things. If they did find something do they call you? And usually how soon after youve had biopsies done if they find something when do they call? Thanks xx

I can’t help with timelines as I’m in exactly the same boat as you! I had biopsies taken on 20 March and am also waiting for results. It’s the worst! Personally I’m getting through it by being extra indulgent with myself. Want a cookie or three? Abso-bloomin-lutely.

My colposcopy clinic said 3-6 weeks for results but I can see the histology report on my patient portal. It’s not accessible right now (it’s pending, they delay the availability for the patient for three weeks whilst they go to MDT and so they have a chance to contact you, I think). So by 16 April I’ll have results. That’ll be 4 weeks from colposcopy.


Yea its so scary, my mind is racing constantly. It was a long enough wait for the smear results then all this waiting for these. There really should be some kind of mental health support in place. Ive seen too many women struggling with everything related to this whole hpv thing.

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Sorry to hear you had to wait for your smear results too! I didn’t think there would be anything wrong with my smear so it was a shock to receive a referral to colposcopy.

When did you have your biopsies taken? Did your smear come back with cell changes? It’s tough because I think they think that it is reassuring when they tell us not to worry but it’s just the nature of the beast. It IS worrying, and the only thing that would help (for me anyway) is confirmation of results.

Sorry to hear you are struggling with the wait. I did too. I put my life on hold, worked from home, I really didnt cope well at all, and if I’m completely honest I spent way to much time on here, reading up on all different outcomes and scaring myself. I wasted 5 weeks fretting. It’s easier said than done now I’m out the other side with normal results, but please be kind to yourself. Dont worry unless you are told you need to, or that you have something to deal with. At this moment in time the doctor doesn’t think it’s cc and they know what they are looking at. Wishing you well :heart:


Yea i waited 12 weeks for my smear results. Letter came in high risk hpv and some cell changes the appointment came thru with that and i freaked out thinking i was on a 2 week gateway. Yep the dr said now dont worry yourself. Its a bit difficult not too. What did your letter say? Xx

Yea i find this forum has became a bit of a obsession tbh im trying to stay off it but i have Generalised Anxiety Disorder so i do stuggle with obsessive overthinking. Its so tough i havent told anyone either except my partner as my family have there own stuff going on and i dont want to add to it. Its such a lonely time xx

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The waiting is awful, I understand what you’re going through. I’ve had a long wait too. Smear in December which I wasn’t worried about. But my smear results came back a month later and I had to have a colposcopy, so that was 5 weeks wait for those results. Then that came back as a discrepancy compared to my smear so now I’m waiting to hear from docs to find out whats happening next, I’m currently at 7 weeks for that :worried: I’ve been hpv+ for two years, with cin1

Hi Dawnosb! Sorry I missed your reply. Hope you’re doing okay, have you had any news in the last few days?

My letter said high risk HPV+ with high grade squamous dyskaryosis (severe). I saw my full report which also said “Abundant polymorphs” but I don’t think that’s relevant, just an additional comment they made. I was referred on the two week pathway and am now waiting for biopsy results. It’s torture!

Hey how are you? Nope nothing, hopefully the longer it goes on means no news is good news. I didnt have any details of what cin it was or anything. The dr didn’t even say when he took the biopsy. Its just so so stressful xx

I’m sure they do move faster when it’s bad news, so hopefully no news is good news!

It’s interesting how different the format of information is for each of us! Do you have the NHS app? I can see my full biopsy results on there, so even if the letter was vague it may tell you what they found? That being said, it doesn’t change the stress of the wait!

I cant access the app in my area for some reason. I tried a few times. Yea by reading posts theres different formats for everyone xx

Hi Dawnosb and all… I’m waiting too, only had my colposcopy tues. The doctor did full cervix LLETZ as it was confirmed from smear that I have CIN3 high grade severe and positive HPV . I’ve felt a little better today about things reading everyone’s messages on here and telling myself its more unlikely to be cc than be it … hope you all get good news soon, it’s definitely stressful waiting… xx


How are you feeling post-LLETZ? I wanted to get it done on the first visit too but the colposcopist said during the chat before the colposcopy that she would rather biopsy based on my age and childlessness.

Keeping my fingers crossed for swift and positive results for you!!

Hi, I can totally sympathise with you :smiling_face_with_tear:. I had my biopsies taken on the 17th March, I was told I would receive the results by letter within 2 weeks. Just after the 2 weeks were up, no letter, (& I checked with my gp surgery & they hadn’t either). So I rang the hospital & spoke to a secretary in the gynae dept. She gave me my results- which were thankfully negative & I’ve been discharged, & she said a letter was written to this effect on the 22nd March…. Which I still haven’t got !!! So I would advise anyone in this situation to phone the hospital. It’s really bad I think as I could have still been worrying unnecessarily While on the subject though, it’s now been 28 days since I had the procedure & I’m still getting tummy pains on & off every day. I’ve never had bleeding, discharge or a fever, so the nurse said it can’t be an infection & it can take 6 weeks to recover, but has anyone else had this ?

Hi there, yea im still waiting on my results but in my area i think there taking about 4-6 weeks. I didnt have any cramping but my period has came a week early which i suspect is due to the biposy and them poking about up there xx