Stressed - LLETZ booked

Just really stressed out, phoned the colposcopy nurse as results not come in the post yet for biopsy results, she said it shows I have pre-cancerous cells CIN2 & I’m booked in for LLETZ on 12th.
Has anyone else had only borderline smear results then go to CIN2? I was kind of preparing myself for this - Dr said a few things that concerned me & he & nurses were talking about LLETZ - but still kind of reeling right now

Hi @HelenM12345

I had a low grade smear but biopsies returned CIN3, its a shock to the system but it does happen… smears generally just indicate that you need further investigations as they say how abnormal the cells look rather than the actual grade of the cells, the only way to accurately grade them for what they are is by doing a biopsy

Its unlikely they would find anything more than CIN when they do your LLETZ as a punch biopsy, being the size of a grain of rice, is deep enough to determine if the cells have penetrated the surface xx

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