Stress of waiting!

Hi all. Had my colposcopy with LLETZ just over a week ago. I’m in that dreadful waiting stage and the anxiety is horrible!! Generally I feel fine, I’ve quit smoking and I feel ok, but I think my body has other ideas. I’m waking up and my heart is racing at 94bpm and my breathing seems to be all over the place at certain points in the day- so much I’m going light headed!!
Seriously, this anxiety will have decreased my life expectancy!
Anyone else felt OK but body not having it??

Hi cep,

im in the same boat as you playing the awful waiting game for results. I felt similar to you the week after my biopsy (waking during the night inna cold sweat and all sorts!)and I think it's just your body reacting to a huge amount of stress. I know it's awful but keep your chin up, I felt better after 10 days ish, I hope you do too 




Still waiting - it was 3 weeks (yesterday)

I rang them but they said the result wasnt back yet.

Doing absolutely nothing for my blood pressure with all this worry!