Stress bleed ??


I've posted a few times , I have today had the results of my smear showing high grade ( moderate ) dyskaryosis with hpv. I have been a mess all day , crying , panicking .... then I went to the toilet earlier and I've had a slight bleed . I'm not due on , I think it's around the time I ovulate . This has happened once or twice before around the time I estimate I ovulate where I have wiped and there has been the faintest tinge of red on the tissue ... but today it's happened a few times when I've wiped on the toilet and ( sorry ) I just sat one the bed whilst getting changed and I felt myself bleed slightly . It's not heavy or anything but it's not usual for me at all . I also feel like I've got a pain in my side and this is all since I had the letter .... it sounds odd but can stress do this ? Am I panicking so much I'm giving my self symptoms ?? 

Hi, didn't want to read and run.. It could very well be ovulation spotting, from my experience while I was ttc my daughter, I was tracking ovulation and every time I had ovulation it was followed my spotting. I'm sorry to hear about your smear, what's next for you. What will they do x

Stress can definitely cause all sorts of symptoms. I think when you're anxious, you'll tune in to every twinge that normally you probably wouldn't notice. Ive read before that stress can cause bleeding or bring on a period early but it could be ovulation or even cervical erosion which is very common and can cause light bleeding outside of period and after sex. 

Could you find out where you'll be having your colposcopy and ring the clinic, let them know how anxious you are and hopefully they'll be able to fit you in quickly. Im the same as you with health anxiety, made myself ill when I got my high grade result (back in 2015) and the colposcopy clinic were very understanding. They may have a cancellation or be able to squeeze you in.


Hi Libby 

Thanks for your reply . 

I can never get through to my doctors so I emailed them and all they said was that it's the lab who has referred me not them . I called my local hospital ( I don't know if it is where I would be referred but I just assumed as it's local and they told me they are up to date with all their high grade patients ) and they have received no referral for me . Very frustrating considering it has been a week since my doctors had my results and I thought a high grade result should be seen for colposcopy within 2 weeks ? xx 


I was told 2 weeks ago that I had ASC-US which i think means borderline. Also positive for hr hpv. I'm curious about this too. Since i found out my period came on the 19 day of my cycle and i started bleeding again yesterday only 5 days after my period ended. I'm terrified. I've had abnormal periods the last 4 months. I can't eat, sleep or basically function at all. I'm a mess. I have an appointment for this Thursday to have the procedure to check and biopsy the cervix.  Not sure if i can make it until Thursday mentally. I feel for you. Its super scary. I wish u the best.