Stress and HPV

Hi. I’ve been HPV +ve for a few years now, had colposcopy, cin3 changes and a Lletz procedure late last year. At my six month check, still +ve HPV and cell changes and have just had a second colposcopy.
My question is, does anyone know of any research that has been done with regards to stress/depression and HPV? It is documented that stress lowers the immune system making it more difficult for the body to fight the virus. Hoping that there are some studies out there which confirm this? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi! Yes there has, I was reading the results of a study on Papilocare and it said:

Despite its low risk of progression to cervical cancer, many women experience negative emotional responses and even long-term psychological distress associated with an HPV-positive diagnosis and an abnormal cytology.[3][4] added to the fact that the conventional management strategy for this condition, especially in cases of low-grade lesion, is watchful waiting, the approach may become long and challenging for both the women and their physicians.

The [3] and [4] are references to 2 studies that have taken place on this but the forum won’t let me include the links. I’ve started taking AHCC and papilocare purely so I can feel like I’m doing something, as just waiting was stressing me out so much and then in turn that’s frustrating as it weakens the immune system!


That’s really helpful. Thank you so much and good luck with everything xx