Strep b bladder infection. .so annoying!

Hi ladies

I was wonderingif anyone had experience with a strep b infection?I am just over 6 months post treatmentt am I am on my fourth course of anti biotics for 

Abladder infection.. it doesnt seem to be shifting and is getting worse.. is this a job for a urologist? 


Thanks my lovelies 

Love Vick xx 



Hi Vick,

sorry to hear this and hope it's not making you too unwell?  I'm not really able to answer but wonder if it is quite common (I've just got over Strep A in my uterus/vagina).  I would say that it would be worth trying to get a referral as its so frequent as there must be something they can do to help....hope you get some good replies xx

Hi - had different treatment to you, but have had bladder infections too. And an ear infection, which is weird, but just a product of being generally run down I think.

Now that the antibiotics seem to have cleared it up, I am trying to make sure I drink a glass or two of cranberry juice a day as a preventative measure. Not sure if it really does much good, but at least it tastes good.

Good luck with it all x