Strange Symptoms, Feeling Uneasy

Hi all,

Sorry that this is so long and complicated, but I've had some weird symptoms that I don't really understand. 

At the start of March I was backpacking in Thailand. I was intimate with someone, and while I had a few drinks, my lady bits felt irritated and kind of dry. I had to stop after a short time. I went to see my GP a week or two after when I arrived home. I had an aggressive rash on my bits and it was insanely itchy, I thought it might have been an STI. I got checked then and there, and the second she saw my cervix she began to talk pretty fast. She said that it was very red, irritated and swollen. She said it was probably nothing, but the fact that she was clearly worried made me worried. She said it looked like an ectropian. The second she took a swab it started bleeding. She asked me what age I was. When I said 23 she seemed hesitant. She recommended I get a smear, though "it's probably fine". She said that bleeding between periods or after sex was the main thing to worry about, and that the rash was probably thrush, gave me fungal cream and send the samples off.

I came back negative for STIs, and also negative for Thrush. I hate to say I didn't get a smear straight away, as I didn't have any irregular bleeding.

On the second week of May I went to a Well Woman Clinic to get a smear. She said it looked like I had Chlamydia (thought I told her I was already tested etc). This time she took the smear (my first proper smear) and she left the device in for ages. I bled for three days straight after. A month later, the results came back as an abnormal smear (I don't know to what degree).

Mid-July I found out I have a high-risk HPV infection. Though I didn't have 16 or 18 (I got vaccinated aginst those). My colposcopy appointment is August 8th, so just a little over a week away. But for the past month, my symptoms have been getting worse. I have chronic lower back pains and very heavy and thick constant discharge which is really disgusting. I went back to a GP in the same clinic and he thought my back pain was something temporary, though I told him I had an abnormal smear. He just wasn't listnening to me. He gave me painkillers.

My lower back pain has gotten worse, I have leg pains too. As well as that I've began to get cramps that feel like I'm on my period, as well as feeling an odd sharp pain that seems like it's coming directly from my cervix. There's also a raw ache there that feels extremely odd. I feel nauseated and the pain is non-stop. I can feel my cervix all the time, and it radiates down to my legs. It's almost ticklish at times. I can't take my mind off the thought that there's something seriously wrong. The back pain is the worst, I just feel like staying in bed. I'm so fatigued. I've been looking on the forums here and I can't help imaging some bloody massive tumor pressing down on the nerves on my back or something! I was trying to stick it out til my appointment but I just need to see my GP ASAP, though I think the woman who helped me at the start has left.

The last time I had sex was 3 or 4 weeks ago, and while I was really drunk and I had to stop early again, I don't remember any bleeding, though there well could have been some. I recently switched pill from Yasmin to Yasminelle so I don't know if that has somthing to do with it. My last period was extremely light. So no spotting at all, but each time I go to the bathroom I expect to see it cos I can feel the discharge. 

I'm so sorry this is so long and complicated! Anyone hace any insights for me?  

worry can make you feel like everything could be a symptom or worse than it is but so long as you are being checked regularly and attending appts you can't do much more than that and i do find that if something is wrogn they rush it though to get it sorted very quickly. i sometimes have sharp pains which feel like maybe cervix down but who knows? i have another colposcopy tomorrow so i may know more after that. try and be healthy and do your bit to help your body. i googled 'how to help my body fight HPV' as my HPV hasnt gone yet and its given me advice on which vitamins and green tea etc which im now doing so this could help you ? x

Hey Abbie,

Thanks for the advice, gonna look up a few things now to see what I can do. Colposcopy In 2 days and I'm dreading it, so sick of getting my cervix cranked open and prodded at. Last time I nearly passed out so have no clue how I'm going to survive this time! >< 



Hi Cinammonstick,

The main thing is that you have an appointment! Dont stress too much, they will numb the area so you won't feel it. They will also apply something afterwards that helps stop any any bleeding.

Let us know how you get on! X


Hey guys,

So had the procedure there, pretty damn uncomfortable! Had to do a good amount of deep breathing but the nurses were nice about it which made a huge difference. They told me the results I had were mild, which would have put me at ease a lot more if the doc had just told me that the month before! so they took a few biopsies (ouch) and sent me on my way, telling me that my lower back and pelvic pains were probably unrelated.

was surprised to see no bleeding the first 2 days, then even more surprised to wake up to a bit of blood this morning - and those horrendous chunks that they didn't tell me about. i took my last contraceptive pill 2 days ago so was wondering if that was the cause of the bleeding, maybe my period had started - but it normally comes on Sunday and it's a Thursday...but since I changed pill 2 months ago it could also be my body adjusting so I dunno what to think! ill tell you tho, that disgusting tissue gave me a mini heart attack.