Strange relief!

Hi all

finally got confirmed diagnosis today, cc stage 1a1, consultant says completely excised by lletz! It feels weird to be celebrating having just had a cancer diagnosis, but I knew that anyway and I was not expecting them to tell me it was all gone! SO RELIEVED! 

had anyone else had same thing and if so what treatment followed removal of tumour? I know I'll need something else!

love, Mollz xxxx

Aww i can't answer any questions, but I have seen your name on here a few times. I just want to say "yay" to you :) I'm happy for you xxx xxx

Hi Mollz, sorry you have been diagnosed, but glad it has been removed now.


I had a very similar experience to you back in May, despite them believing it had been completely excised theu did not have clear borders for the CIN3 surrounding the cancer cells. They therefore decided to do another LLETZ procedure which came back clear at ths end of June. I am now on 4-6monthly check-ups, the first of which is coming up in a few weeks :) xxx

Thanks girls!

didnt remember to ask about margins, I was just so gobsmacked. Will ask on Friday when they ring again following on from MDT.

can you think of anything else I should be asking?


love, Molly xx

Oh! He did tell that the cc had been very small, 2mm.

Molly x

Nothing I can think off top of my head. I was asking about future fertility as I am only 25, but I saw your previous post regarding adoption so probably not something you are thinking? Other than that I just wanted to kbow about chances of recurrence etc. Xxx

Thats great news Molly :-)

Really pleased for you.

Becky x

Hi Mollz

So pleased that you are not further on than what you are.  Weird saying this but it is good news.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thank you all so much for your support, only thing that has kept me from losing the plot altogether!

Molly xxx

Yay! Great news! Really happy for you. You can relax a bit now

knowing that it was really really early! Xxx