Strange recovery and good news

Hello people

I had my Lletz on 24th May. I had what seemed like borderline and low level changes but cin 2 at biopsy.
Since the Friday after I had vast quantities of what they told me was serous fluid. Like 15 tena pads a day.
I didn’t even use the sanitary pads.

So I was a bit upset as I also got a urine infection last week, for which I had antibiotics.

My manager said that I couldn’t carry on like this, particularly as I could hardly do an appointment without fluid trickling down my legs. She said for me to contact the medics again and the lead nurse agreed to see me today, and examine me.

Anyway, 4 weeks and 2 days in ( today) I went to the ward. I had quite a lot of urine urgency and was weeing myself a bit. ( (However just this morning no more discharge:) This seems to have settled a bit even in 12 hours

She examined me with the speculum and said I was completely healed. She reckoned my difficult symptoms may have been the urine infection ( though GP disagreed). She suggested I just double checked with the GP my infection wasn’t still there and gave me a bottle.

Best of all she had my biopsy results. CIN 1 with a little bit of cin 2.

So a good day in all :grinning:
It’s amazing living without wetting myself. I’ve done all the things which were disallowed: yoga, baths…



This is amazing news!!! Congratulations! xxx

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I’m glad that you’ve weathered the worst of the recovery, Rebecca, and that you’ve got your results. That is fabulous news, and now you can move on. I’m still waiting for my letter, 7 days after I’m told it was posted to me - I’m so glad they were able to read my results letter over the phone to me last week or I’d still be fretting.


The waits are awful. I’ve been discharged now anyway so not really too worried about my letters
The nurse told me my results when my legs were in the stirrups lol

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It is. I’m very lucky.

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Brilliant news Rebecca1965! I wonder whether the changes you put in place helped to reduce the cin2. Wishing you good health and happiness!

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I like to think so, but I think perhaps as he biopsied the worse bits there might only ever have been a little bit of cin2 there anyway x
Thank you so much for thinking of me.
Bloody anal fissure is giving me jip now lol. I’ve reversed discharge as had completely healed under Botox and as before is opening up now is wearing off.
Oh joy lol

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Goodness, what a pain! I hope you get it sorted soon. Xx

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It had healed in Tuesday when he rang.
Opened up a bit yesterday- just my luck. Only a bit though.
I’ve just rung colorectal people to cancel discharge but am hoping he can do some conservative measures without reaching for the big guns ( which is quite an extensive op)