Strange pain after Lletz procedure

I had a Lletz procedure done under General Anaesthetic as I couldn’t face it whilst awake (hats off to all those that can).

I had it done 9 days ago and I have had no bleeding. I had mild period pains for the first 3 days and a watery, light-brown discharge. It smells very similar to the smell that came from the post-birth bleeding. I have been really tired, but I put that down to the GA. I have been mainly resting other than cooking family meals. Over the last 4 days I have begun to experience quite a severe stinging/burning pain in the area that I can only describe as my cervix. It feels quite similar to the stretching sensation that I had after giving birth.
If I stand up for too long the pain intensifies and this also happens when I sit up.
I rang the place where the procedure was done and they said to make sure I was taking pain medicines regularly.
I went to the GP, who said that it should not be hurting 9 days after the procedure and took swabs and gave me antibiotics as a precaution. She said if they didn’t help in a couple of days to stop the course, but I thought it was not a good idea to do this with antibiotics.

I am wondering if this might be a reaction that anyone else has had? I would have thought that a wound might continue to sting past 9 days? Pretty sure if I had a deep cut on my finger, that it would.

There is not much discussion around the LLetz and pain on this forum, so maybe it is not a normal thing.

Thanks for your time.

I had lletz 3 days ago, so not quite as far into recovery as you. I have read that around day 10 the scab on the cervix starts to come away as it’s healing, so maybe this could be the sensation you’re feeling? There can be increased bleeding at this time too for the same reason.

How are you feeling now? Hopefully things are getting a bit better for you