Strange LLETZ results

HI everyone


I was posting under Walshy but I lost my password an lgon details. I had a Colposcopy on 25 Nov where some whiteness showed up after the vinegar solution so he took some biopsies. I didn't have a smear I just got referred straght there becaise I had some bleeding after sex.


I had CIN 3 as a result of the biopsies.


I was treated for this on 20 Dec with a LLETZ procedure. 


I just got the LLETZ results .... "The labaratory examination of the area removed at the time of your recent treatement in the Colposcopy Clinic has not shown any remaining abnormal cells".


So why did i have the LLETZ at all? When he put the Iodine solution on to perform the LLETZ he said there were two areas that looked like they needed removing.


Does the Iodine show up other cells that at not abnormal?


VERY CONFUSED, relieved of course but also confused.

Hello Karen, I've cut & pasted some info from the Macmillan website, in reference to your question on why you had the lletz in the first place, the last sentence should answer your question.

''CIN 1

This is when one-third of the thickness of the surface layer of the cervix is affected.


This is when two-thirds of the thickness of the surface layer of the cervix is affected.


This is when the full thickness of the surface layer of the cervix is affected.

Knowing the grade of your CIN helps your colposcopist plan the best treatment for you.

With all three grades of CIN, often only a small part of the cervix is affected by abnormal changes.

CIN 3 is also known as carcinoma-in-situ. Although this may sound like cancer, CIN 3 is not cervical cancer. Cancer has developed when the deeper layers of the cervix are affected by abnormal cells. However, it’s important that if CIN 3 is picked up during screening tests, plans are made to treat it as soon as possible.''

Jo's website is fantastic and so is the Macmillan website for  information and for any questions you may have regarding your treatment.  Sometimes we don't fully understand the specialists and sometimes they aren't great at putting something across to you or explaining what's going on!  That's why if I need something explained correctly - and I don't in any way mean to sound condescending or a know-all,  I use the websites I trust with this.