Strange lletz results


I have had normal smears for years (always gone every three years), however my latest one came back as severe dyskaryosis. I was invited for a colposcopy appointment 2 weeks later and had a lletz procedure while I was there. It all went fine, the staff were brilliant and the procedure was pretty much pain free. I am now just over 3 weeks since the procedure and am recovering well- I have experienced the same side effects that others have posted on here and just needed one day off work after the procedure. 

I got a letter 4 days ago telling me that the tissue removed during my lletz has tested all clear with just minor changes due to HPV- no pre cancerous changes. I am obviously very pleased but it has left me quite confused- how can my smear show severe dyskaryosis but my pathology report come back so different? In the letter, the consultant has advised that he will be discussing my case in the multi disciplinary team meeting in the next month due to the variation in the results, and he will review my previous reports with the pathologist. He also says he will let me know about follow up actions.

I keep feeling really happy with the result, then angry at the thought that they might have put me through an unnecessary procedure, and then feeling scared that maybe they have made a mistake.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Am I getting stressed for no reason at all?



Hi, this is my first post here... And I too have a similar story. I had two smears one mild and then a moderate result, referred to colposcopy.  The ghnocologist at the time said it looked liked nothing and took two small pinch biopsies.  I waited and waited then got a call from my doctor telling me there was no CIN In the biopsies and it contradicts the smear. They said a meeting would be held to discuss.  I got a letter today (6weeks on) sayin that there was a meeting to discuss and because the pathologist believes the smear showed a small area of irregularity they should so the biopsies again.  I have beea very anxious and it has made me almost sick, it just keeps going on and on :( I lost my mum to cancer too :( 

hi ,

i have similar story also, i had my 1st smear just before i was 25 at the beginning of august which came back with severe dyskaryosis so i was referred for a colposcopy and told i would need treatment there and then. when i went in the sister explained the result and would look and tell me if she agreed, she did agree however she wanted to take a biopsy to be sure, i have just now received the results which say cin1 and an investigation is being ordered, i was very pleased with this result but very confused at the same time because the results are conflicting, hopefully i will know more at my next appointment but it has left me non the wiser!

sorry im no help!

Hi Guys,

All the smear test picks up is the changes in the cells of the cervix, the reason they do the biopsies is to see the degree of change and what is causing it...I've had quite a few of these now, my first smear showed mild changes and then 6 months later severe but when i had the biopsy done it came back all clear (this happened twice) but the last biopsy came back with whilst the smear only gives you mild, moderate or severe changes the biopsy can tell what is actually wrong and if there is no CIN this is normally a good sign :)

Hope this helps :)