Strange letter from hospital

hi all, I wonder ifsomeone could help clarify for me. I was diagnosed with one A1 cervical cancer back in December I had a loop of procedure in January and was told everything was  fine and all margins are clear. Today I received a letter from the hospital   Saying this -   "I have now received the review results of your previous cervical screening tests from the cytology lab at the hospital and I'm writing to you today to inform you of this. If you would like to come and discuss this with me please let my secretary know on the number above and we will arrange an appointment for you to come and discuss these results in the colposcopy clinic "

do you think this means they just want to review my past smear results or do you think they've picked something else up? I think the phrase if you would like to… Means that there is and they haven't found anything because if they had they would be sending me an appointment. 

Really cinfused and worried. Anyone else had anything like this before? 

Acceb x 


It sounds to me like they have reviewed your previous slides and are making you aware of it. It doesn't sound like anything to worry you said, if it were something more serious they would send an appointment.

You could ring up and make an appointment to see them, even just to put your mind at rest? It's so easy to fear the worst after what we've been through.

Best of luck with whatever you decide x