Strange discomfort near rib cage

Hi me again, 

ive been looking online for the answer but I hoping maybe a lovely Lady from here dan give me some answers. 

Ive been feeling off for a week. Thought it was stomach bug slash bowel issue but now I’m not so sure. I have a really strange feeling under my right rib cage almost like I feel Something, it’s not painful as such.

I only finished my treatment 7 weeks ago.

ive looked on cancer research and I’m worried my symptoms show it’s gone to my liver. Could it go there so soon? It’s getting me down. I am due to see my consultant for follow up next week but just wanted to know if any ladies can offer my advice if they have felt this


Hi, I had similar, if not same feeling under my rib age. As a result, my oncologist sent me for a scan. They discovered a shadow on my liver and I went for further tests and an ultrasound- turns out it was nothing. I still get the feeling from time to time - some days it’s there more than others. It’s now 2 years since they sent me for all the scans and I’m still here with    the “all clear”.


It’s always worth getting stuff like this checked out. For peace of mind more than anything. Even if they spot something, it doesn’t necessary mean it’s anything sinister. Happy to discuss further if you have any questions or anything x

It may be your gallbladder. If you lie on your back, put you fingers where your ribcage ends on the right hand side and breathe in whilst applying pressure with your fingers and you get a stabbing pain, that’s what it is - pain caused by gallstones. 

Just one to check out and eliminate but do see a doctor. 

Hi Lockett 

Ive been getting same pain,not sure what it is but worried too like a stabbing pain 

my consultant won’t scan me as it’s too soon she said I have to wait till 2nd of December for results got mri on 19th to see if rumour has gone or shrunk 

My consultant also said it’s not likely to move to your liver but not sure she was telling truth think she was just reassuring me,want to stay positive but like you worried 

Wish I could help just speak to your nurse or consultant there all different they may do more for you hopefully 

Jen x