Stopping smoking!!!


Hi, I'm starting my treatments on Monday, 5 weeks radiotherapy and once a week chemo followed by 3 days brachytherapy, I have been cutting down smoking the last few weeks but still struggling to stop completely, stressed and worried as my treatment is starting so that's not helping me, read Allan Carrs Stop smoking and managed to stop for 14 hours then the dreaded CC returns and i'm back in them again, any help or advice would be fantastic as I feel I won't be able to cope with the treatments.x

Diagnosed- CC 14.5.2014 MRI then CT EUA 2.6.2013 Staged 2b 30.6.2014 Radiotherapy 5 weeks, chemo once a week. Followed by 3 days brachytherapy


i had the same problem! I was the same stage as you, during treatment I felt way to sick to smoke after I started to recover, I slipped back into the habit. A year on I'm only just getting help to quit, I started taking champix 2 weeks ago and already stopped smoking! I thought I would never do it but I have.

Good luck with your treatment x


I was also 2b and a smoker.   When we saw the cancer support nurse and oncologist they both told me to stop and tbh they frightened me.  This was enough for me to stop - at the time I had smoked for 20 + years.  I found it really difficult and found the only way to cope was when I wanted a cigarette,  to do something else. As time went on I found it did get easier,  but even now I have the cravings ...

Have you spoken to the nurses ? They offered me all / any help I needed to quit, so they may be able to help you

Good luck..,, it's not easy at such a stressful time. 

Hi there,


i was was a stage 1bd put out my last cig the morning of my surgery. I used to smoke around 15 per day. I never thought I'd give up. It was hard but I just kept thinking I can't tell people I've had cancer and still be a smoker. I also thought of all the horrible treatment and thought I do not want to go through this again! So, it was hard but it's the best thing I've done for myself. My skin looks better, I always smell lovely and I have saved cash and I feel healthier. It's been 11 months and I honestly don't think I'll smoke again. Think about it as something positive, not something you are giving up. It's also really nice not to be controlled by smoking, a sense of freedom. 


Good luck with it. You can do this! 


Tess xx


When I was first diagnosed I ask if smoking had a direct effect on my getting cancer,the

answer was yes.I stopped straight away.Only time I found it hard was in the pub,then

the no smoking ban came in so that helped me out no end.No regrets,best thing I ever

did.If I was one of the people who stands outside the hospital smoking,whilst been

treated for cancer,the shame would be too great.Loads of things to help you stop.

You can do it.Everything to gain, nothing to lose.

Good luck with all your treatment

Becky x

If you want or have children, that is the biggest motivator to quit cold turkey, imo. I was diagnosed with hrHPV in April, so gave myself a one-month grace period, then just suddenly quit one random day in mid-May. I used to smoke a pack a day, but quit cold turkey: no vaping, medication or nicotine gum. Thinking of my son and the fear of developing CC, etc., were enough to make me finally kick the habit. Not had a single ciggie since.

I would recommend downloading an app to help you quit. I used two: Cessation Nation and Smoke Free. They keep track of how many days you've stayed off cigarettes, how much money you've saved, how many extra life days you've gained, and chart various aspects of your health against those of a non-smoker, plus more (e.g., badges, missions, games, although I found the stats to be the most useful).

I also switched from cigarettes to vitamins/antioxidants and smoothies, stopped going to bars as much, and when I do, I go armed with mints or regular gum. Hope the above suggestions help!

P.S. Oops, just realised this thread is from 2014!